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  • A Beginner's Guide to New Testament Exegesis

    A Beginner's Guide to New Testament Exegesis

    Taking the Fear out of Critical Method

    by Richard J. Erickson

    Richard Erickson offers a thoroughly accessible and student-friendly guide to the essential methods of interpreting the Greek New Testament. He holds out manageable goals and expectations--and encouragement. Numerous aids and illustrations clarify, summarize and illuminate the principles. A weath of exercises connected to each chapter are available on the Internet.

  • Doing Good Without Giving Up

    Doing Good Without Giving Up

    Sustaining Social Action in a World That's Hard to Change

    by Ben Lowe
    Foreword by Ajith Fernando

    As Christians, we all want change in the world. But we don't just aim at change—we aim at faithfulness and out of faithfulness comes fruitfulness. Moving beyond theory, activist Ben Lowe renews our mission with key postures, practices and real-life examples of what it looks like to persevere in faithful activism and advocacy today.

  • InterVarsity Press authors Richard Foster and James Bryan Smith keynoted the second annual Aprentis Institute Conference on spiritual formation at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, last month. InterVarsity Press (IVP) cosponsored the sold-out event, along with the Aprentis Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation, Renovare and Christian Audio.

  • Missional Spirituality

    Missional Spirituality

    Embodying God's Love from the Inside Out

    by Roger Helland and Leonard Hjalmarson
    Foreword by Alan Hirsch

    Roger Helland and Leonard Hjalmarson helpfully reconnect spirituality and mission, showing how the spiritual life leads us to "come home" to Christ, and then sets us forth to love our neighbors as ourselves. Through this process you can reclaim the whole of God's kingdom for his glory and the fulfillment of your heart's longing.

  • Renew Your Life

    Renew Your Life

    Discovering the Wellspring of God's Energy

    by Kai Mark Nilsen
    Foreword by James Bryan Smith

    If you've ever felt utterly exhausted by life and longed to find a source of refreshment, you are not alone. In Renew Your Life Pastor Kai Nilsen points the way to the wellspring of renewal in the Holy Spirit. Through revitalizing spiritual practices, we find the energy for creative life change in God.

  • Real Life

    Real Life

    A Christianity Worth Living Out

    by James Choung

    James Choung narrates this imaginative dialogue between three friends who attempt to come to terms with Christianity's loss of cultural capital, tectonic shifts in spiritual temperament from one generation to the next and the persisting feeling that God is summoning them to an embodied faith despite everything.

  • Learning to Be

    Learning to Be

    Finding Your Center After the Bottom Falls Out

    by Juanita Campbell Rasmus
    Foreword by Tina Knowles Lawson

    When everything in her life came to a stop, pastor Juanita Rasmus had to learn to be—with herself and with God—all over again. If you are longing for a trustworthy companion through dark days, Juanita shares her own story of exhaustion and depression, offering life-giving spiritual practices to help you discover your own new ways of being.

  • Spiritual Equipping for Mission

    Spiritual Equipping for Mission

    Thriving as God's Message Bearers

    by Ryan Shaw
    Foreword by Tom Lin

    Spiritual formation and discipleship are at the core of effective and fruitful mission. Mission professional Ryan Shaw unpacks ten fundamental spiritual keys we need to practice to succeed and thrive spiritually in preparation of becoming God's message bearers in the world.

  • Stumbling Souls

    Stumbling Souls

    Is Love Enough?

    by Chris Plekenpol

    A compelling story of Chris's interactions with a homosexual, HIV-positive, homeless man, demonstrating what happens when believers risk living out their faith in tangible ways.