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  • Listening to Sexual Minorities

    Listening to Sexual Minorities

    A Study of Faith and Sexual Identity on Christian College Campuses

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Mark A. Yarhouse, Janet B. Dean, Michael Lastoria, and Stephen P. Stratton

    For sexual minority students on Christian college campuses, faith and sexuality can feel in acute tension. Yarhouse, Dean, Stratton, and Lastoria draw on their decades of experience to bring us a longitudinal study into what sexual minorities experience, hope for, and benefit from. Rich with both quantitative and qualitative data, here is an unprecedented opportunity to listen to sexual minorities in their own words.

  • The Listening Life

    The Listening Life

    Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction

    by Adam S. McHugh

    Listening is an essential skill for healthy relationships, both with God and with other people. But it is more than that: listening is a way of life. Adam McHugh places listening at the heart of our spirituality, our relationships and our mission. Heed the call to the listening life, and hear what God is doing in you and the world.

  • The End of Sexual Identity

    The End of Sexual Identity

    Why Sex Is Too Important to Define Who We Are

    by Jenell Williams Paris

    Anthropologist Jenell Williams Paris argues that the Christian tradition holds a distinct vision for sexuality without sexual identity categories. She shows how this Christian framework accounts for complex postmodern realities and addresses problems with common Christian and cultural understandings of heterosexuality and homosexuality.

  • A Life of Listening

    A Life of Listening

    Discerning God's Voice and Discovering Our Own

    by Leighton Ford

    In this memoir, lifelong minister of the gospel Leighton Ford tells his story as a personal history of listening for God's voice. Beginning with his earliest memories, he recounts the different ways God has spoken to him, and the different ways he has learned to listen. What emerges is not just an account of a long and faithful life of Christian service, but a picture of the Christian life—the life of listening.

  • Understanding Sexual Abuse

    Understanding Sexual Abuse

    A Guide for Ministry Leaders and Survivors

    by Tim Hein
    Foreword by Debra Hirsch

    What does the path to healing look like for survivors of sexual abuse? And how can ministry leaders, pastors, and counselors best help them as they walk this difficult road? Drawing on both his own experience and his wife's experience as survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Tim Hein presents clinical data and resources as well as practical guidance and empathy—for both ministry leaders and survivors themselves.

  • Listening to God

    Listening to God

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Carolyn Nystrom

    Does God hear us? Does God speak? How can we connect with God when all seems to be lost? What is our role in listening? Through exploring both biblical characters and teaching, the ten studies in this LifeGuide® Bible Study helps us understand how to seek and find an ever deeper dialogue with God.

    Number of Studies: 10

  • A Spirituality of Listening

    A Spirituality of Listening

    Living What We Hear

    by Keith R. Anderson
    Foreword by Dan B. Allender

    God is speaking in our everyday world. How can we become more attuned to listening for God's voice? Keith Anderson walks us through key biblical themes that help us see and experience how God is present with us if we would only listen, paying attention to the moments that make up our days. Listen—and step into a world alive with God's presence.

  • Children and Sexual Abuse

    Children and Sexual Abuse

    by Victoria L. Johnson

    Victoria L. Johnson looks at the problem of childhood sexual abuse, why it is so damaging and what church leaders can do to help children who've been abused. Includes original thoughts and reflections from people who have experienced abuse, and guidelines for churches, leaders and parents on how to protect their children.

  • No Stones

    No Stones

    Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction

    by Marnie C. Ferree
    Foreword by Mark Laaser

    In this book Marnie C. Ferree offers a unique resource for women struggling with sexual addiction. Written by a counselor who understands the condition from the inside out, No Stones offers practical help for those battling sexual addiction and those who want to come alongside women as they seek help. Important for pastors and church leaders, this book will also be a much sought-after resource for Christian counselors and therapists counseling women who grapple with this type of addiction.