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  • Bringing Sex into Focus

    Bringing Sex into Focus

    The Quest for Sexual Integrity

    by Caroline J. Simon

    In culture that exploits sex in everything from advertising to climbing the corporate ladder, it's easy to lose sight of the true purpose and place of sexuality. Philosopher and ethicist Caroline J. Simon identifies six "lenses" through which people understand sex and sexuality and provides clarity for developing a holistic, biblical sexual ethic.

  • Ex-Gays?


    A Longitudinal Study of Religiously Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation

    by Stanton L. Jones and Mark A. Yarhouse

    Stanton L. Jones and Mark A. Yarhouse present social science research on homosexuals designed to answer the questions: Can those who receive religiously-informed psychotherapy experience a change in their sexual orientation? Are such programs harmful to participants?

  • Marriage and Family in the Biblical World

    Marriage and Family in the Biblical World

    Edited by Ken M. Campbell

    Ken M. Campbell presents the work of six scholars who map varying understandings of marriage and family in six cultural settings: Victor H. Matthews on the ancient Near East, Daniel I. Block on ancient Israel, S. M. Baugh on Greek society, Susan M. Treggiari on Roman society, David W. Chapman on Second Temple Judaism and Andreas Köstenberger on the New Testament era.

  • The #MeToo Reckoning

    The #MeToo Reckoning

    Facing the Church's Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

    by Ruth Everhart

    The #MeToo movement has revealed sexual abuse in every sphere of society, including the church. But all too often, churches have been complicit in protecting abusers, reinforcing patriarchal power dynamics, and creating cultures of secrecy, shame, and silence. Disclosing candid stories of abuse, pastor and survivor Ruth Everhart offers God's hope to survivors while shining a light on the prevalence of sexual misconduct within faith communities.

  • Breaking Free

    Breaking Free

    Understanding Sexual Addiction and the Healing Power of Jesus

    by Russell Willingham

    Leading readers through self-diagnosis and step-by-step through the stages of recovery, Russell Willingham reminds us of all the resouces Christians have at their disposal for dealing with sexual addiction.

  • Redeemed Sexuality

    Redeemed Sexuality

    12 Sessions for Healing and Transformation in Community

    by Andrew A. Boa
    Foreword by William M. Struthers

    Sexual brokenness permeates our culture and is often a source of fear, shame, or secret sin for emerging adults within the church. But as we experience love, joy, and intimacy with God and others, sexual shame and sin lose their power. Incorporating peer-to-peer leadership, this small group curriculum invites us to seek sexual maturity and discipleship in the context of community.

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  • Spiritual Conversations with Children

    Spiritual Conversations with Children

    Listening to God Together

    by Lacy Finn Borgo

    When children have a listening companion who hears, acknowledges, and encourages their early experiences with God, it creates a spiritual footprint that shapes their lives. Lacy Finn Borgo draws on her experience of practicing spiritual direction with children as she introduces key skills for engaging kids in spiritual conversations, offering sample dialogues, prayers to use together, and ideas for play, art, and movement.

  • Single, Gay, Christian

    Single, Gay, Christian

    A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity

    by Gregory Coles
    Foreword by Wesley Hill

    In an age where neither society nor the church knows what to do with gay Christians, Greg Coles shares his story—a story about a boy in love with Jesus who, at the fateful onset of puberty, realized his sexual attractions were persistently and exclusively for other guys. This honest, hopeful account shows life through one man's eyes and assures all people: "You are not a mistake."