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  • Immigration


    Tough Questions, Direct Answers

    by Dale Hanson Bourke

    Dale Hanson Bourke sheds light on the terms, history and legal issues shaping the debate over immigration. With an even-handed presentation of the most controversial issues, she provides a framework for American Christians who wish to understand the complexity of the issue and the church's appropriate response.

  • Welcoming the Stranger

    Welcoming the Stranger

    by Matthew Soerens, Jenny Yang, and Leith Anderson

    World Relief staffers Matthew Soerens and Jenny Yang move beyond the rhetoric to offer a Christian response to immigration. With careful historical understanding and thoughtful policy analysis, they debunk myths about immigration, show the limits of the current immigration system, and offer concrete ways for you to welcome and minister to your immigrant neighbors.

  • Separated by the Border

    Separated by the Border

    A Birth Mother, a Foster Mother, and a Migrant Child's 3,000-Mile Journey

    by Gena Thomas
    Foreword by Michelle Ferrigno Warren

    Gena Thomas tells the story of five-year-old Julia, whose harrowing journey with her mother from Honduras to the United States took her from cargo trailer to detention center to foster care. Weaving together the stories of birth mother and foster mother, this book shows the human face of the immigrant and refugee, the challenges of the immigration and foster care systems, and the tenacious power of motherly love.

  • More Than Things

    More Than Things

    A Personalist Ethics for a Throwaway Culture

    by Paul Louis Metzger

    In a world dominated by things, we must work hard to account for one another's personhood. Drawing a diverse set of thought leaders, Paul Louis Metzger helps us navigate a pluralistic world through a personalist moral framework, addressing issues such as abortion, genetic engineering, immigration, drone warfare, and more.

  • Strangers Next Door

    Strangers Next Door

    Immigration, Migration and Mission

    by J. D. Payne

    Christians in the West are living among some of the least-reached people groups in the world and have the unprecedented opportunity to share the gospel with them. Here J. D. Payne introduces the phenomenon of human migration to the West and discusses how the Western church ought to respond.

  • Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves

    Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves

    Applying Christian Ethics in Economics

    by John E. Stapleford

    John Stapleford interacts with seven standard introductory economics texts to show how ethics are inextricably intertwined with economic life and analysis. This revised and expanded edition includes discussions of entitlements, global poverty, government debt, healthcare reform and immigration reform.