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  • Mere Science and Christian Faith

    Mere Science and Christian Faith

    Bridging the Divide with Emerging Adults

    by Greg Cootsona

    Emerging adults want to believe that science and faith can coexist peacefully, and Greg Cootsona argues that they can. In his book Mere Science and Christian Faith he holds out a vision for the integration of science and faith and how it can lead us more deeply into the conversations that confront the church today.

  • Transforming Discipleship

    Transforming Discipleship

    by Greg Ogden

    Greg Ogden recovers Jesus' method of accomplishing life change by investing in just a few people at a time. In this revised and updated edition Ogden sets forth his vision for transforming both the individual disciple and discipleship itself, showing how discipleship can become a self-replicating process with ongoing impact from generation to generation.

  • The Contested Public Square

    The Contested Public Square

    The Crisis of Christianity and Politics

    by Greg Forster

    Christian thinking about involvement in human government was not born (or born again!) with the latest elections or with the founding of the Moral Majority in 1979. Greg Forster introduces the history of Christian political thought traced out in Western cultureā€”a culture with a fragmented view of the proper relationship of government and religion.

  • Your Mind's Mission

    Your Mind's Mission

    Urbana Onward

    by Greg Jao

    In this new Urbana Onward minibook, Greg Jao addresses common myths that result in a passive engagement of our intellect with our faith. He provides key disciplines for Christian discipleship of the mind, how we can love God with our minds in community, obedience and humility.

  • Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple

    Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple

    Eight Sessions for Mentoring and Discipleship

    The Essentials Set

    by Greg Ogden

    What am I committing to when I say I want to follow Jesus? Following the format of his bestselling book Discipleship Essentials, Greg Ogden has created this accessible introduction to Christian life for new believers. Whether you are mentoring one-on-one or in a small group, this essential guide will serve as an ideal on-ramp into the discipleship journey.

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