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  • Inner Healing

    Inner Healing

    A Handbook for Helping Yourself and Others

    by Mike T. Flynn and Douglas H. Gregg

    Mike Flynn and Doug Gregg take an approach to inner healing that stresses the principles and models provided by Scripture while correcting common myths and misunderstandings.

  • Single, Gay, Christian

    Single, Gay, Christian

    A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity

    by Gregory Coles
    Foreword by Wesley Hill

    In an age where neither society nor the church knows what to do with gay Christians, Greg Coles shares his story—a story about a boy in love with Jesus who, at the fateful onset of puberty, realized his sexual attractions were persistently and exclusively for other guys. This honest, hopeful account shows life through one man's eyes and assures all people: "You are not a mistake."

  • The IVP New Testament Commentary Series
    product set

    The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

    Series edited by Grant R. Osborne
    Consulting Editor D. Stuart Briscoe and Haddon W. Robinson

    Pastors with a passion for sound exposition and scholars with a heart for pastoral leadership have joined forces to produce this exciting commentary series, now in paper and with all new covers! Each volume, informed by the best of up-to-date evangelical scholarship, presents passage-by-passage commentary based on the NIV along with background information on authorship, setting, theme and various interpretive issues.

  • Interpreting Deuteronomy

    Interpreting Deuteronomy

    Issues and Approaches

    Edited by David G. Firth and Philip S. Johnston

    David Firth and Philip Johnston edit this new collection of essays from the vanguard of Old Testament studies. Beginning with the unique literary and theological dimensions of Deuteronomy, these essays open up the major approaches, issues and debates occupying today's best evangelical interpreters.

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