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  • Centered-Set Church

    Centered-Set Church

    Discipleship and Community Without Judgmentalism

    by Mark D. Baker

    Is there an alternative to the church's impulse to either obsess over boundaries or erase them completely? Building on the work of Paul Hiebert, Mark D. Baker provides a unique manual for understanding and applying the vision of a "centered" church, charting a new path for congregations and leaders to grow in authentic freedom and dynamic movement toward the true center: Jesus himself.

  • Analog Church

    Analog Church

    Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age

    by Jay Y. Kim
    Foreword by Scot McKnight

    As our culture begins to reckon with the limits of a digital world, it's time for the church to do the same. In our efforts to stay relevant in our digital age, have we begun to move away from transcendence? Pastor Jay Kim grapples with the ramifications of a digital church, from worship and Christian community to how we engage Scripture.

  • Churches are struggling to meet the needs of their congregations and to entice people to return to church after pandemic living. But instead of rolling out fancy programs, ministry veteran Carolyn Carney says we can revitalize our churches through the simple yet powerful act of group prayer. Read this article for two practical tips on building prayer in your congregation.

  • Creating a Missional Culture

    Creating a Missional Culture

    Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World

    Forge Partnership Books

    by JR Woodward
    Foreword by Alan Hirsch

    Missiologist and church planter JR Woodward offers a blueprint for a church in search of a missional culture. Expanding on the biblical principles giving life to the missional movement worldwide, Woodward calls not for small tweaks to the church?s image but for a recasting of the very environment that shapes us.

  • A Vision for the Aging Church

    A Vision for the Aging Church

    Renewing Ministry for and by Seniors

    by James M. Houston and Michael Parker

    James M. Houston and Michael Parker believe now is the time for the church to offer ministry to its increasing numbers of seniors and to benefit from ministry they can offer. They issue an urgent call to reconceive the place and part of the elderly in the local congregation, showing that seniors aren't the problem--they are the solution.

  • Apostolic Church Planting

    Apostolic Church Planting

    Birthing New Churches from New Believers

    by J. D. Payne

    Church planting is not just about gathering new communities of people who are already Christians. Planting churches flows naturally out of making disciples. In this concise guide, pastor J. D. Payne explains the process and stages of church planting, with biblical foundations and practical steps for planting teams both domestically and internationally.

  • Becoming a Just Church

    Becoming a Just Church

    Cultivating Communities of God's Shalom

    by Adam L. Gustine
    Foreword by Dennis Edwards

    How should the local church think about justice? Adam Gustine provides a theological vision for the church's identity as a just people, where God's character and the pursuit of shalom infuses every aspect of our congregational DNA. In this renewed vision, the church becomes a prophetic alternative to the broken systems of the world and a parable of God's intentions for human flourishing and societal transformation.

  • Why Church History Matters

    Why Church History Matters

    An Invitation to Love and Learn from Our Past

    by Robert F. Rea

    Does it matter how Christians in other times and places thought? For many contemporary Christians, questions about the role and value of church history can be difficult to tackle. Veteran teacher Bob Rea addresses these barriers, skillfully explaining not only why church history matters, but the difference it makes for life and ministry.

  • Contemporary Art and the Church

    Contemporary Art and the Church

    A Conversation Between Two Worlds

    Studies in Theology and the Arts Series

    Edited by W. David O. Taylor and Taylor Worley

    The church and the contemporary art world often find themselves in an uneasy relationship in which misunderstanding and mistrust abound. Drawn from the 2015 biennial CIVA conference, these reflections from theologians, pastors, and practicing artists imagine the possibility of a renewed and mutually fruitful relationship between contemporary art and the church.