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  • Demanding Liberty Demanding Liberty

    Demanding Liberty

    An Untold Story of American Religious Freedom

    by Brandon J. O'Brien

    Historian Brandon O'Brien unveils an untold story of religious liberty in America. Between theocracy and secularism, Baptist pastor Isaac Backus contended for a third way—religious liberty and freedom of conscience for all Americans, regardless of belief. Backus's ideas impacted his era, giving us insight into how people of faith today can navigate political debates and work for the common good.

  • Spirit Outside the Gate Spirit Outside the Gate

    Spirit Outside the Gate

    Decolonial Pneumatologies of the American Global South

    Missiological Engagements

    by Oscar García-Johnson

    Oscar García-Johnson explores a new grammar for the study of theology and mission in global Christianity, especially in Latin America. Moving to recover important elements in ancestral traditions of the Americas, he discerns pneumatological continuity between the pre-Columbian and post-Columbian communities. With an interdisciplinary, narrative approach, this work offers a constructive theology of mission for the church in global contexts.

  • Defending Black Faith

    Defending Black Faith

    Answers to Tough Questions About African-American Christianity

    by Craig S. Keener and Glenn Usry

    Is everything good in Christianity plagiarized from traditional African religions? What about criticisms of Christianity made by the Nation of Islam? Craig S. Keener and Glenn Usry answer these and other hard questions put to the black church.

  • Prophetic Lament

    Prophetic Lament

    A Call for Justice in Troubled Times

    by Soong-Chan Rah
    Foreword by Brenda Salter McNeil

    The American church avoids lament but lament is a missing, essential component of Christian faith. Soong-Chan Rah's prophetic exposition of the book of Lamentations provides a biblical and theological lens for examining the church's relationship with a suffering world. Hear the prophet's lament as the necessary corrective for Christianity's future.

  • Last Call for Liberty

    Last Call for Liberty

    How America's Genius for Freedom Has Become Its Greatest Threat

    by Os Guinness

    The American republic is suffering its gravest crisis since the Civil War. Will conflicts, hostility, and incivility tear the country apart? Os Guinness argues that we face a fundamental crisis of freedom as once again America has become a house divided. This grand treatment of history, civics, and ethics in the Jewish and Christian traditions represents Guinness's definitive exploration of the prospects for human freedom today.

  • The New Shape of World Christianity The New Shape of World Christianity

    The New Shape of World Christianity

    How American Experience Reflects Global Faith

    by Mark A. Noll

    In this book Mark Noll makes the compelling case that how Americans have come to practice the Christian faith is just as globally important as what the American church has done in the world. He backs up this substantial claim with the scholarly attentiveness we've come to expect from him.

  • Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents

    Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents

    Edited by Jeanette Yep, Peter Cha, Susan Cho Van Riesen, Greg Jao, and Paul Tokunaga

    Written by and for Asian Americans, this study guide helps you discover and embrace Asian identity and learn to bridge the conflicting values of parents, culture and faith. Through accounts of humorous, frustrating and heartbreaking personal experiences, the authors offer support, encouragement and ideas for living out the Christian faith between two cultures.

  • Unsettling Truths

    Unsettling Truths

    The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery

    by Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah

    You cannot discover lands already inhabited. In this prophetic blend of history, theology, and cultural commentary, Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah reveal the damaging effects of the "Doctrine of Discovery," which institutionalized American triumphalism and white supremacy. This book calls our nation and churches to a truth-telling that will expose past injustices and open the door to conciliation and true community.

  • A Free People's Suicide

    A Free People's Suicide

    Sustainable Freedom and the American Future

    by Os Guinness

    Os Guinness traces the evolution of the American ideal of freedom from the founders to the present, warning that the country's defining experiment is on the verge of failure. Summoning historical evidence on the fate of early democracies, he argues that without a renewed commitment to the task of virtue, America will soon wish away her own freedom.

  • Black Man's Religion

    Black Man's Religion

    Can Christianity Be Afrocentric?

    by Glenn Usry and Craig S. Keener

    In this well-researched, balanced and provocative book, Glen Usry and Craig S. Keener contend that racism is not inherent in Christianity.