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  • My Soul Waits

    My Soul Waits

    Solace for the Lonely in the Psalms

    by Marva J. Dawn

    Marva Dawn opens up her own experiences of deep loneliness in these personal stories and reflections on the Psalms. By evoking the wordless comfort contained in these songs, Dawn teaches us to wait prayerfully on God.

  • Finding the Flow

    Finding the Flow

    A Guide for Leading Small Groups and Gatherings

    by Tara Miller and Jenn Peppers
    Foreword by Joseph R. Myers

    Tara Miller and Jenn Peppers present an overview of how to facilitate a great small-group discussion, navigating difficult questions and issues and bringing people through the stages of small-group life.

  • Small Group Idea Book

    Small Group Idea Book

    Edited by Cindy Bunch

    This revised and expanded resource, edited by Cindy Bunch, offers hundreds of field-tested activities to help leaders develop healthy and vibrant small group life that includes community, worship and prayer, study and nurture, outreach, and fun.

  • Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies

    Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies

    Over 300 Terms Clearly Concisely Defined

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    by Arthur G. Patzia and Anthony J. Petrotta

    Arthur G. Patzia and Anthony J. Petrotta offer clear, concise definitions of more than 300 terms related to biblical studies.

  • Psalms 51-150

    Psalms 51-150

    Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by Quentin F. Wesselschmidt
    General Editor Thomas C. Oden

    The Psalms have long served a vital role in the individual and corporate lives of Christians. The church fathers employed the Psalms widely—as hymns, Scripture readings, counsel on morals, forms for prayer, and in the great doctrinal controversies. In this ACCS volume readers will find rich comment and theological reflection from more than sixty-five ancient authors.

  • Isaiah 1-39

    Isaiah 1-39

    Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by Steven A. McKinion
    General Editor Thomas C. Oden

    For the early church fathers the prophecy of Isaiah was not a compendium of Jewish history or theology but an announcement of the coming Messiah fulfilled in the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. In this ACCS volume, readers will find commentary on Isaiah 1-39 ranging from East to West and from the first through the eighth centuries.

  • Shaping the Spiritual Life of Students

    Shaping the Spiritual Life of Students

    A Guide for Youth Workers, Pastors, Teachers Campus Ministers

    by Richard R. Dunn

    Richard Dunn shows how to mentor today's teens by setting the pace--physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually--with sensitivity to the unique issues of adolescent development.

  • Virtuous Minds

    Virtuous Minds

    Intellectual Character Development

    by Philip E. Dow

    Teacher-administrator Philip Dow explores the implications of setting intellectual character (rather than intellectual content) at the heart of our educational programs. With ample stories and practical suggestions, Dow shows how intellectual virtues like tenacity, carefulness and curiosity are teachable traits that can produce good lives.

  • Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls

    Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls

    A Guide to Christian Approaches and Practices

    Edited by Gary W. Moon and David G. Benner

    Editors Gary W. Moon and David G. Benner, along with a team of expert contributors, provide a comprehensive survey of spiritual direction in its myriad Christian forms. With insights on spiritual direction's relationship to psychotherapy and pastoral counseling, this book serves as an authoritative resource for spiritual transformation and pastoral care.

  • Commentaries on Genesis 1-3

    Commentaries on Genesis 1-3

    Ancient Christian Texts

    by Severian of Gabala and Bede the Venerable
    Translated by Robert C. Hill and Carmen S. Hardin
    Edited by Michael Glerup

    The church fathers displayed considerable interest in the early chapters of Genesis, and often wrote detailed commentaries or preached series of homilies on the Hexameron--the Six Days of Creation. This volume of Ancient Christian Texts offers a first-time English translation of Severian of Gabala's In cosmogoniam and a fresh translation of a portion of Bede the Venerable's Libri quatuor in principium Genesis.