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  • Common perception holds that the Western church is dying. But there is a movement that has escaped traditional measures of success as neighborhood parishes spring up in the everyday life of cities all over North America. Paul SparksTim Soerens, and Dwight J. Friesen detail this phenomenon in their book The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches are Transforming Mission, Discipleship and Community.

  • An Introduction to the New Testament

    An Introduction to the New Testament

    Contexts, Methods & Ministry Formation

    by David A. deSilva

    This comprehensive New Testament introduction not only outlines historical, social, cultural, and rhetorical contexts, but it also points students preparing for ministry to relevant facets of biblical interpretation. Brimming with maps, photos, points of interest, and aids to learning, this beautiful, full-color second edition of an established textbook is the first choice for those who want to integrate scholarship and ministry.

  • The New Testament in Seven Sentences

    The New Testament in Seven Sentences

    A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

    Introductions in Seven Sentences

    by Gary M. Burge

    To understand the breadth of the gospel's message, we need to perceive the full tapestry of Scripture. Using seven key sentences from the New Testament, Gary M. Burge demonstrates how the themes of fulfillment, kingdom, cross, grace, covenant, spirit, and completion set a theological rhythm for our faith, outlining the broader pattern of Scripture that illustrates what God has done—and is bringing to fulfillment—in Christ.

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  • The Holy Spirit in the New Testament

    The Holy Spirit in the New Testament

    A Pentecostal Guide

    by William A. Simmons

    With an ever-increasing number of Christians worldwide self-identifying as Pentecostal or charismatic, the church needs a Spirit-centered interpretation of Scripture informed by a Pentecostal lens. In this accessible New Testament introduction, each chapter explores the presence of the Spirit in a biblical book, then offers devotional applications to help readers respond to the text.

  • New Testament Christological Hymns

    New Testament Christological Hymns

    Exploring Texts, Contexts, and Significance

    by Matthew E. Gordley

    We know that the earliest Christians sang hymns. But are some of these early Christian hymns preserved for us in the New Testament? Matthew Gordley takes a new look at didactic hymns in the Greco-Roman and Jewish world of the early church, considering how they might function in the New Testament and what they could tell us about early Christian worship.

  • New Testament Theology

    New Testament Theology

    by Donald Guthrie

    New Testament theology, maintains Donald Guthrie, centers on Jesus Christ--his person, work and mission--and is unified by repeated emphasis on the fulfillment of Old Testament promise, community, the Spirit and the future hope. Now in paperback, this comprehensive New Testament theology is a standard reference and text, reflecting mature conservative scholarship at its best.

  • New Testament Theology

    New Testament Theology

    Many Witnesses, One Gospel

    by I. Howard Marshall

    I.Howard Marshall's New Testament theology guides students with its clarity and its comprehensive vision, delights teachers with its sterling summaries and perceptive panoramas, and rewards expositors with a fund of insights for preaching.

  • A Concise New Testament Theology

    A Concise New Testament Theology

    by I. Howard Marshall

    I. Howard Marshall presents this abridged version of his full-scale and award-winning New Testament Theology. This concise version distills the essence of the larger volume in a little more than a third of the length of the original.

  • The Making of the New Testament

    The Making of the New Testament

    Origin, Collection, Text & Canon

    by Arthur G. Patzia

    This revised and expanded edition of The Making of the New Testament is a fascinatingly detailed introduction to the origin, collection, copying and canonizing of the New Testament documents. Here Arthur Patzia explains how biblical scholars have studied the trail of clues and pieced together the story of these books.