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  • Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven

    Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven

    Community Practices for Making Peace

    Resources for Reconciliation

    by L. Gregory Jones and Célestin Musekura

    Hearing the call to forgive is different from knowing how to practice forgiveness at home and in the world. In this book, Greg Jones and Célestin Musekura describe how churches and communities can cultivate the habits that make forgiveness possible, not only in situations like genocide but also in everyday circumstances of marriage, family and congregational life.

  • Evil and the Justice of God

    Evil and the Justice of God

    by N. T. Wright

    N.T. Wright explores all aspects of evil and how it presents itself in society today. Fully grounded in the story of the Old and New Testaments, this presentation is provocative and hopeful; a fascinating analysis of and response to the fundamental question of evil and justice that faces believers.

  • The Lost World Series
    product set

    The Lost World Series

    There are some historical or biblical issues that are inherently controversial—which is why they remain issues of debate. The books in the Lost World Series follow the pattern set by Bible scholar John H. Walton as they bring a fresh, close reading of the Hebrew text to an accessible discussion of the topic at hand.

  • Spiritual Practices of Jesus

    Spiritual Practices of Jesus

    Learning Simplicity, Humility, and Prayer with Luke's Earliest Readers

    by Catherine J. Wright

    Luke's Gospel was written to transform. Exploring Luke's portrait of the spirituality of Jesus, Catherine Wright focuses on the themes of simplicity, humility, and prayer in Jesus' life and teaching, considering how readers have understood and employed key Lukan passages for spiritual formation from the first century and the ancient church to today.

  • The Kingdom of God

    The Kingdom of God

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Greg Jao

    Gregory Jao leads you through ten-session LifeGuide® Bible Study studies that explore God's kindgom—transforming your understanding of God, Christianity and your role in the world.

    Number of Studies: 10

  • Church, State and Public Justice

    Church, State and Public Justice

    Five Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by P. C. Kemeny
    Contributions by Clarke E. Cochran, Derek H. Davis, Corwin E. Smidt, Ronald J. Sider, and J. Philip Wogaman

    Edited by P. C. Kemeny, these five essays represent five major views of the relationship of the church and Christian teaching with respect to matters of public justice administered by our government. Each essay includes a response from the other four viewpoints.

  • Becoming a Just Church

    Becoming a Just Church

    Cultivating Communities of God's Shalom

    by Adam L. Gustine
    Foreword by Dennis Edwards

    How should the local church think about justice? Adam Gustine provides a theological vision for the church's identity as a just people, where God's character and the pursuit of shalom infuses every aspect of our congregational DNA. In this renewed vision, the church becomes a prophetic alternative to the broken systems of the world and a parable of God's intentions for human flourishing and societal transformation.

  • Introduction to World Christian History

    Introduction to World Christian History

    by Derek Cooper

    In this brief history of the church from a global perspective, Derek Cooper explores the development of Christianity across time and the continents. Guiding readers to places such as Iraq, Ethiopia and India, Scandinavia, Brazil and Oceania, he reveals the fascinating—and often surprising—history of the church.