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  • Where the Nations Meet Where the Nations Meet

    Where the Nations Meet

    The Church in a Multicultural World

    by Stephen A. Rhodes

    Stephen Rhodes proposes a biblical, ministry-tested pastoral theology of multiethnic ministry. He shows how the church is called to serve and include all ethnicities, examines how the church can bring healing to a conflicted world, and suggests how such a ministry can be successfully conducted in churches.

  • Pentecostal Orthodoxy

    Pentecostal Orthodoxy

    Toward an Ecumenism of the Spirit

    by Emilio Alvarez
    Foreword by John Behr

    In this manifesto of sorts, Bishop Emilio Alvarez introduces the phenomenon of Pentecostals returning to the ancient, creedal Christian faith, and extends the project of paleo-orthodox ressourcement to include orthodox expressions within Pentecostalism, particularly in his own Afro-Latino Pentecostal movement.

  • Calling in Context

    Calling in Context

    Social Location and Vocational Formation

    by Susan L. Maros

    Is the concept of calling universal? God calls all people, yes—but calling is not a monolithic concept. This path-breaking book helps Christians in the United States see how social location shapes assumptions and experiences with vocation, critically examining the cultural priorities of vocation that emphasize certainty, career paths, and personal achievement.

  • Reading the Bible Around the World

    Reading the Bible Around the World

    A Student’s Guide to Global Hermeneutics

    by Federico Alfredo Roth, Justin Marc Smith, Kirsten Oh, Alice Yafeh-Deigh, and Kay Higuera Smith

    Who we are shapes how we read. Guided by an expert team of crosscultural scholars, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the influence of their own social location, building up self-awareness, other-awareness, and true dialogue in the process. Grow in your biblical wisdom as you read Scripture alongside the global Christian community.

  • Faithful Disobedience

    Faithful Disobedience

    Writings on Church and State from a Chinese House Church Movement

    by Wang Yi
    Edited by Hannah Nation and J. D. Tseng
    Foreword by Ian Johnson

    In this important body of theology, key writings from the Chinese house church movement have been compiled, translated, and made accessible to English speakers. This unique resource will be valuable to practical and political theologians and anyone interested in international relations, political philosophy, history, and intercultural studies.

  • A Just Passion

    A Just Passion

    A Six-Week Lenten Journey

    Contributions by Ruth Haley Barton, Sheila Wise Rowe, Tish Harrison Warren, and Terry M. Wildman

    Lent is the opportune season to confront injustice as we contemplate Christ's suffering together. This collection of Lenten devotions from IVP authors includes short readings, breath prayers, and Scripture passages from the First Nations Version to guide readers through a six-week journey of repentance, lament, worship, and healing.

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  • Leading Across Cultures Leading Across Cultures

    Leading Across Cultures

    Effective Ministry and Mission in the Global Church

    by James E. Plueddemann

    Missiologist James E. Plueddemann presents a roadmap for crosscultural leadership development in the global church. With keen understanding of current research on cultural dynamics, he integrates theology with leadership theory to apply biblical insights to practical issues in world mission.

  • Insider Jesus Insider Jesus

    Insider Jesus

    Theological Reflections on New Christian Movements

    by William A. Dyrness

    Missiologists today are considering the significance of insider movements, followers of Jesus who are emerging from within Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and other cultural contexts. Are these authentic expressions of Christian faith? If so, how should we understand them? William Dyrness brings a rare blend of cultural and theological engagement to his reflections on this important phenomenon.

  • Youth Ministry in a Multifaith Society Youth Ministry in a Multifaith Society

    Youth Ministry in a Multifaith Society

    Forming Christian Identity Among Skeptics, Syncretists and Sincere Believers of Other Faiths

    by Len Kageler
    Foreword by Chap Clark

    How do we ground our young people in the faith while encouraging their relationships with friends of other faiths? Veteran youth minister and researcher Len Kageler digs into the data surrounding this exciting multifaith era and offers surprising confidence that our kids can be guided into mature Christian faith while simultaneously learning to love their neighbors of other religions.

  • Divine Merger Divine Merger

    Divine Merger

    What Happens When Jesus Collides with Your Community

    by Mark E. Strong
    Foreword by Kevin Palau

    What would happen if your community had a head-on collision with Jesus? Pastor and community leader Mark Strong offers practical ideas for any follower of Christ, pastor or church leader to engage their community and start ministering. This book is designed to give you the vision and tools you need to fulfill your own God-given mission in your community and church.