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  • The Future of Open Theism

    The Future of Open Theism

    From Antecedents to Opportunities

    by Richard Rice

    Evangelical theology has grappled with open theism and its alternative doctrine of God for decades. Richard Rice recounts the history of open theism from its antecedents and early developments to its more recent expressions, considering how it might continue to develop in relation to several primary doctrines of the Christian faith.

  • The Other Side of the Wall

    The Other Side of the Wall

    A Palestinian Christian Narrative of Lament and Hope

    by Munther Isaac

    Christians have lived in Palestine since the earliest days of the Jesus movement, yet they are often unheard and ignored in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With both lament and hope, Palestinian pastor Munther Isaac offers a theology of the land and a vision for a shared land that belongs to God, where there are no second-class citizens of any kind.

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  • The Triumph of God over Evil

    The Triumph of God over Evil

    Theodicy for a World of Suffering

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    by William Hasker

    Noted philosopher William Hasker explores a full range of questions concerning the problem of evil. Hasker forges constructive answers in some depth showing why the evil in the world does not provide evidence of a moral fault in God, the world's creator and governor.

  • Colossians & Philemon

    Colossians Philemon

    The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

    by Robert W. Wall

    In this commentary, Robert W. Wall explores two letters of Paul, showing how Colossians offers an antidote to a privatized and intellectualized faith and Philemon offers a vital model for conflict resolution and community building. Including background material and passage-by-passage exposition of the texts, Wall stresses throughout the lessons that today's church can draw from Paul's teaching.

  • 'Return To Me'

    'Return To Me'

    A Biblical Theology of Repentance

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Mark J. Boda
    Series edited by D. A. Carson

    The theme of repentance is evident in almost every Old and New Testament corpus. However, it has received little sustained attention over the past half-century of scholarship. In this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume, Mark Boda offers a comprehensive overview of the theological witness of Scripture to the theme of repentance, a return to intimate fellowship with the triune God, our Creator and Redeemer.

  • Open Hearts in Bethlehem

    Open Hearts in Bethlehem

    A Christmas Drama

    by Kenneth E. Bailey

    Here is an exciting Christmas drama informed by Kenneth Bailey's career as a renowned biblical scholar and by his years of living in the Middle East. The drama (featuring 30 minutes without music or 50 minutes with music) is biblically accurate, heartwarming and perfectly suited for church performance.

  • Christianity for the Open-Minded

    Christianity for the Open-Minded

    IVP Booklets

    by Michael Cassidy

    In this evangelistic booklet Michael Cassidy answers many of the questions people ask about Christianity.