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  • Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant?

    Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant?

    A Professor and a Punk Rocker Discuss Science, Religion, Naturalism Christianity

    Edited by Preston Jones

    Preston Jones (a Christian history professor and music fan) and Greg Graffin (a punk rocker with a Ph.D. in zoology) conversed via e-mail about knowledge, evil, biology, evolution, religion, God, destiny and the nature of reality. While they find some places to agree, neither one convinces the other of his perspective. Which worldview is more plausible? You decide.

  • Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry

    Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry

    From a Strategy of Influence to a Theology of Incarnation

    by Andrew Root

    Andrew Root reviews the history of relational/incarnational youth ministry in American evangelicalism and recasts the practice as one of "place-sharing"--not so much "earning the right to be heard" as honoring the human dignity of youth and locating God in their midst.

  • The Good and Beautiful Community

    The Good and Beautiful Community

    Following the Spirit, Extending Grace, Demonstrating Love

    The Good and Beautiful Series

    by James Bryan Smith

    In this Good and Beautiful Series book, James Bryan Smith helps you to live in relationship with others as apprentices of Jesus. He shows how to bring spiritual formation and community engagement together, and he offers spiritual practices that root new, true narratives about God and the world in your soul.

  • Renovation of the Church

    Renovation of the Church

    What Happens When a Seeker Church Discovers Spiritual Formation

    by Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken
    Foreword by Dallas Willard

    Copastors Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken tell the decade-long story of how God took their thriving, consumer-oriented church and transformed it into a modest congregation of unformed believers committed to the growth of the spirit—even when it meant a decline in numbers.

  • The Path of Celtic Prayer

    The Path of Celtic Prayer

    An Ancient Way to Everyday Joy

    by Calvin Miller

    Calvin Miller introduces six types of Celtic prayer that teach you how to pray out of the circumstances and uncertainties of your own life. With traditional examples of each type of prayer, the book also includes a historical and spiritual overview of Celtic spirituality.

  • A Guidebook to Prayer

    A Guidebook to Prayer

    24 Ways to Walk with God

    by MaryKate Morse
    Foreword by Joshua Choonmin Kang

    Why is it so hard to master consistent and meaningful prayer? MaryKate Morse explores 24 pathways of prayer meant to give readers a vast array of ways to focus and reflect. Whether you are a beginner or a lifetime person of faith, you will find a treasure trove of riches here to guide you into a deeper experience of prayer.

  • Just Spirituality

    Just Spirituality

    How Faith Practices Fuel Social Action

    by Mae Elise Cannon

    Mae Elise Cannon opens the annals of activist history to see if there is a correlation between great acts of compassion and advocacy and great depths of prayer. Looking at the lives of Mother Teresa, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr. and others, Cannon finds a depth of spiritual practice at the root of courageous social action.

  • The Shaping of an Effective Leader

    The Shaping of an Effective Leader

    Eight Formative Principles of Leadership

    by Gayle D. Beebe
    Foreword by Steve Forbes

    Drawing on the influence of Peter Drucker and other mentors as well as his own years of experience as a pastor, administrator and college president, Gayle Beebe has developed a pyramid of leadership principles that define a leader of influence and integrity. Discover what it takes to be effective in your sphere of influence.

  • Short-Term Mission

    Short-Term Mission

    An Ethnography of Christian Travel Narrative and Experience

    by Brian M. Howell

    Brian Howell provides an anthropology of short-term mission (STM) among American Christians. Delivering a history of STM along with an ethnographic case study of a trip to the Dominican Republic, Howell argues that the movement is sustained by a uniquely Christian travel narrative that borrows from the anthropology of tourism and pilgrimage.

  • 1 Corinthians

    1 Corinthians

    The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

    by Alan F. Johnson

    As Alan F. Johnson highlights in this excellent commentary, in the midst of the detailed, practical letter to a church in crisis that is 1 Corinthians, Paul has penned one of the greatest paeans to love ever written, and that is ultimately what we need to face the complex issues of our world today as well.