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  • Know What You Believe

    Know What You Believe

    by Paul E. Little
    Foreword by James F. Nyquist

    What does Christianity have to do with anything? What does the Christian faith teach about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? With these and other core questions, bestselling author Paul Little explains ten bottom-line truths of Christianity to help you understand what God has done to bring us into a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

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  • What's Darwin Got to Do with It?

    What's Darwin Got to Do with It?

    A Friendly Discussion About Evolution

    by Robert C. Newman, John L. Wiester, Janet Moneymaker, and Jonathan Moneymaker

    A friendly conversation with two professors on evolution and what science can explain about life that will engage your mind and your smile. Great for high school biology students!

  • What Jesus Intended

    What Jesus Intended

    Finding True Faith in the Rubble of Bad Religion

    by Todd D. Hunter
    Foreword by Esau McCaulley

    Many of us feel disoriented and unsteady after an endless string of church scandals. After forty years of ministry, Todd Hunter is no stranger to betrayal and pain in the church. But by unpacking the purposes of Jesus, we can expose twisted, toxic religion for what it is and embrace the healing and goodness we've always longed for.

  • What Is Jesus Doing?

    What Is Jesus Doing?

    God's Activity in the Life and Work of the Church

    Edited by Edwin Chr. van Driel

    How do we understand Jesus' present activity in a challenging, post-Christian context? Leading thinkers in pastoral theology, homiletics, liturgical theology, and missiology consider how to recognize the divine presence and join in what God is already doing in all areas of church ministry. With deep theological reflection, personal stories, and practical suggestions, this is a compelling interdisciplinary conversation.

  • What Are Christians For?

    What Are Christians For?

    Life Together at the End of the World

    by Jake Meador
    Foreword by Karen Swallow Prior

    Though fidelity to the common good ought to define our politics, the modern revolutions of the West have poisoned common life in America. Uninterested in the cultural wars that have often characterized American Christianity, Jake Meador casts a vision for an antiracist, anticapitalist, and profoundly pro-life Christian political approach rooted in the givenness and goodness of the created world.

  • We Become What We Worship

    We Become What We Worship

    A Biblical Theology of Idolatry

    by G. K. Beale

    The heart of the biblical understanding of idolatry, argues Gregory Beale, is that we take on the characteristics of what we worship. Employing Isaiah 6 as his interpretive lens, Beale demonstrates that this understanding of idolatry permeates the whole canon, from Genesis to Revelation.

  • What does God have planned for my life after college? Whether you're considering a corporate career, a role in ministry or missions work, or higher education, the most important thing is listening to God's leading in your life. Working alongside intentional prayer, these books can act as vocational coaches to help guide you as you discern God's path.

  • What God Thinks When We Fail

    What God Thinks When We Fail

    Finding Grace and True Success

    by Steven C. Roy

    What does God think of us when we fail? Steve Roy has had to face his own failures. But his failures also drove him deep into what God thinks about us and success. He found that a biblically grounded view of success and failure challenges our preconceived notions but leads to hopeful renewal that goes beyond what we often ask or think.

  • What Does the Bible Say About Suffering?

    What Does the Bible Say About Suffering?

    by Brian Han Gregg

    The quest for an answer to the problem of suffering is universal, and the Bible has not one, but many responses. Exploring twelve themes related to the issue of human suffering, this concise, accessible resource reflects on what we can learn from the diversity of the biblical witness on the topic of suffering.

  • Become What You Are

    Become What You Are

    Spiritual Formation According to the Sermon on the Mount

    by William W. Klein

    New Testament scholar William W. Klein presents the profound vision for spiritual formation that lies at the heart of the Sermon on the Mount.