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100% Christianity

How The Gospel Changes Everything

by Jago Wynne

100% Christianity
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Published: July 18, 2014
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-1-7835-9119-0
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What does it look like when our minds are fully gripped with the gospel, our hearts wholly warmed by passion for Christ, and our wills totally devoted to following Jesus in all of life?

We don't have to have been a Christian for long before we realize how easy it is at times to live as though Jesus has had no impact on us. After the first flush of delight in Christ's love for us has waned, we have to admit that we are not that excited about being a Christian. The passion has gone. We start doubting whether Christianity is really true and of infinite importance—rather than just a hobby for Sundays.

In 100% Christianity,Jago Wynne helps us all to face these challenges. It shows how we can become clear and confident about the gospel, growing passion for Christ, and know God's empowering in living for him in all of life.

If you want help in living an intellectually rigorous, wholeheartedly passionate, and completely devoted life for Jesus, then this is the book for you.

"A huge help to Christians and non-Christians alike in. . . .commentating on what the Christian life is really like."

Rico Tice

"Jago explores in his usual winsome way all that's involved in a discipleship that takes the apostle's challenge seriously."

Hugh Palmer, from the foreword

"Points us back to the deep truths of the gospel, and helps to equip us to live all of life for Christ."

John Glen

"Captures the power of personal transformation that the gospel offers, as well as the big picture of a gospel that changes everything. . . . reminds us that God has given us 100% and now God asks us for 100% of our lives."

Malcolm Duncan