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Walking the Labyrinth

Video StillThe labyrinth, in it's beauty and simplicity, is a place for contemplation, reflection and prayer where we find rhythm in the stillnesses underneath and in between every day's noise. [Watch Now]

Occupied Territories

Video StillAuthor Garth Hewitt, a witness to injustice in Africa, Nicaragua and the Holy Land, calls Christ-followers to a hope in community and justice that reflects the hope of Jesus found in the gospel. [Watch Now]


Video StillExperience the New Testament in a brand new way with Frameworks—A visually stunning text designed to engages individuals, churches and students in the essence of the biblical text. [Watch Now]

The Relational Soul

Video StillThrough understanding God as a relational God and building trust in the "true self", authors Richard Plass and James Cofield combine psychology and spiritual formation to help us love, and be loved, well. [Watch Now]

Living Free

Video StillOne year after it's release, Free author Mark Scandrette has new ideas for his readers to try and 4 stories to share of others who have set out on a quest to discover what really matters most to them. [Watch Now]

The Lost World of Scripture

Video StillDr. John Walton, coauthor of The Lost World of Scripture, reminds us of the history behind the text which we give so much authority and also reminds us of our duties as readers of God's word. [Watch Now]

Dr. Thomas Oden

Video StillDr. Thomas Oden, General Editor of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, discusses the ACCS and his other work on Mark and the influence of Africa in early Christianity with The Green Scholars Initiative. [Watch Now]


Video StillAt it's most basic, failure is the way by which we first experience God's gift of grace. J.R. Briggs calls pastors and teachers to embrace and work through their failures, building the Church to see them as a gift. [Watch Now]

Christianity On Trial

Video StillAuthor W. Mark Lanier is not only a man of God but also a world-renown trial lawyer. In Christianity On Trial, Mark builds a strong apologetic using the tools of a lawyer to examine our common questions of faith. [Watch Now]

The Jesus Prayer

Video StillJohn Michael Talbot has been a musician for decades and, since his conversion to Roman Catholicism in 1978, had been dedicated to bringing Christian monastic tradition into everyday life. [Watch Now]

Theology Questions Everyone Asks

Video StillEditors of this collection of essays, Gary M. Burge and David Lauber discuss the importance of diverse voices, asking good questions and what it means to have a complete theology. [Watch Now]


Video StillCaught up in the bright lights, clever programs and capital campaigns of the many churches at our disposal, we have become consumers in danger of losing sight of how we've already been sent into all the world. [Watch Now]

Grand Central Question

Video StillNo matter our worldview, we all have one central question we are trying to answer. In his new book, author Abdu Murray not only lays out the many questions but offers answers in the gospel of Jesus. [Watch Now]

The New Parish

Video StillThe Gospel becomes very powerful when it takes root in the context of a place. The authors of The New Parish call the Church to follow Jesus into the neighborhood and build community in complete life together. [Watch Now]


Video StillAuthor Michael Frost sees the Church being swept up into a culture that is narcissistic and detached, staring into screens. It is time for the church to look up and become present and embodied in their place just as Jesus did. [Watch Now]

Other Recent Releases

Living In Christ's Presence

Video StillJohn Ortberg, a dear friend of Dallas Willard, on the man that Dallas was, what their friendship meant to him and what it means to truly live into the presence of Christ. [Watch Now]


Video StillFurthest from author Caryn Rivedeneira's mind during her family's financial struggles was God's abundance. That is until a very scared moment arrived during a very ordinary day and revealed a radical new perspective. [Watch Now]

Faith-Rooted Organizing

Video StillFor too long we have organized for justice in a model that doesn't fully surrender to the Holy Spirit. Co-author Alexia Salvatierra gives churches and organizations a model for activism that is truly pleasing to God. [Watch Now]

The Art of Helping Others

Video StillThe unique eye of artists in every discipline give them a perspective of life in the kingdom and faith in God and author Douglas C. Mann is calling those same artists into an equally unique service for the glory of God. [Watch Now]


Video StillThe words given to Moses by God are more than just rules for others to live by. Author Sean Gladding, though conversation, hopes that we embrace them as individual practices through which community flourishes. [Watch Now]

In Search of Deep Faith

Video StillGrappling with his own questions, Jim Belcher set out on a quest to see how the Christian faith faces the challenges of the modern world and answers the cries of the human soul. [Watch Now]

Disunity in Christ

Video StillThe Church is gathering in smaller and smaller theological, socio-economical, ethnic and educational groups and as a result, Christena Cleveland has found, we are losing touch with Jesus's message to "be one". [Watch Now]

Andy Crouch, author of Playing God

Video StillFrom idolatry to institutions, poverty to playing the cello, Andy Crouch, author of Playing God uses six very short videos to talk about six big ideas. [Watch Now]


Video StillThrough both spiritual practice and practical action, Mark Scandrette leads you through challenging yet transformative steps towards becoming free to spend your time and money on what matters most. [Watch Now]

Troubled Minds

Video StillAuthor Amy Simpson draws from her deeply personal story and telling research and issues a call to the church to become a place of hope for the mentally ill and their families. [Watch Now]

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