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Prophetic Lament

Video StillAuthor Soong-Chan Rah uses the book of Lamentations to call the Church back to a worship that includes lament so that we might see a complete picture of who God is and how justice can be lived. [Watch Now]

Beautiful Feet

Video StillFor too long women in the church have followed false narratives about their role in God's work. Author Jessica Leep Fick empowers women to not just belong to Jesus, but, filled with the holy spirit, to share their faith boldly. [Watch Now]

Inside Job

Video StillAuthor Stephen W. Smith uses leadership training and spiritual practices to guide marketplace and ministry leaders away from poor soul habits towards living and leading with an undivided heart. [Watch Now]

Joy in the Journey

Video StillBefore Steve Hayner lost his battle with cancer, he and his wife, Sharol, chronicled their journey of grief, hope, pain and joy. Here Steve's friend Mark Labberton reflects on his relationship with Steve during Steve's memorial service. [Watch Now]

Rediscovering Jesus

Video StillCoauthors David B. Capes, Rodney Reeves and E. Randolph Richards discuss the book's origins, the importance of understanding who Jesus was completely and how our own perceptions of Jesus shape our faith. [Watch Now]

God of Justice

Video StillThese videos are suggested viewing as you read God of Justice. You will be prompted to view them as a part of the Global Church Curriculum, which aims to give focus to the role of the Church at a critical time in history. [Watch Now]

A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus

Video StillDavid Wilkie's hilarious comic strip, Coffee with Jesus comes to life in this growing collection of videos inspired by the release of his second collection of strips, A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus. [Watch Now]

We Speak

Video StillCoauthors J. K. Jones, Mike Baker and Jim Probst provide a preview for their book and DVD curriculum and provide a definitive calling for all of us to find our voice and join with other believers to speak God's truth. [Watch Now]

Changing Faith

Video StillAuthor Michael Hidalgo gives voice to those who desire to seek out what is right in God's kingdom but struggle with the guilt and shame that comes with the inevitable doubts we all carry. [Watch Now]

Mapping Your Academic Career

Video StillFor brand new adjuncts, retiring professors and everyone in between, author Gary M. Burge provides guidance for anyone working in higher education as they seek to find meaningful work throughout their career. [Watch Now]

A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion

Video StillIn a work of fiction, author Gary M. Burge takes readers into the ancient Roman world and explores the life of the Roman Centurion beyond the ten verses found in the Gospels. [Watch Now]

Redeeming Sex

Video Still It's time for a new conversation about the intersection of our spirituality and our sexuality and Deb Hirsch, through rich stories and with remarkable clarity, gives readers the tools to start talking. [Watch Now]

The Biblical Imagination Series

Video Still Author Michael Card shows readers and listeners alike how to engage scripture with an "informed imagination" in this series on the gospels that includes four books and four companion CDs. [Watch Now]

Where the Cross Meets the Street

Video Still Noel Castellanos, CEO of CCDA and author of Where the Cross Meets the Street, discusses the inspiration and themes of his book with fellow organizer Alexia Salvatierra, coauthor of Faith-Rooted Organizing. [Watch Now]

Starting Something New

Video StillAuthor Beth Booram's passion has been guiding people towards their God-given dreams and has gathered stories from people all over the country who have courageously and prayerfully pursued the dreams God gave them. [Watch Now]

The Apprentice Series

Video Still Author James Bryan Smith believes the gospel is about change in our lives today, not just our eternal destiny. This collection of videos give a wonderful overview of the themes and power of the series. [Watch Now]

Life Together in Christ

Video StillA community in Huntington, IN had been discovering first-hand the power of committing to a transforming community built on the principles laid out by author Ruth Haley Barton. [Watch Now]

True You

Video StillTracey Bianchi, coauthor of True You, discusses working with her coauthor Adele Ahlberg Calhoun and the challenges women face when trying to discover and then live as their true selves in the kingdom of God. [Watch Now]

Other Recent Releases

Sensible Shoes

Video StillAuthor Sharon Garlough Brown discusses Sensible Shoes a year later, plus the stories she has heard from readers and announces that there are two more books coming to continue the stories of Hannah, Meg, Mara and Charissa. [Watch Now]

Building Your Volunteer Team

Video StillMark DeVries, coauthor of Building Your Volunteer Team, with nearly 30 years of experience, gives a 30-day plan for finding volunteers that will change the effectiveness of your ministry for years to come. [Watch Now]

J.B. Lightfoot Legacy Set

Video StillLost in the Durham Cathedral Library, Ben Witherington discovered over 1500 hand-written pages of unpublished work from J.B. Lightfoot and we proudly present those pages for the first time in the Lightfoot Legacy Set. [Watch Now]

Slow Church and The New Parish: A Conversation

Video StillIn this extended conversation, Chris Smith, coauthor of Slow Church, and Tim Soerens, coauthor of The New Parish, discuss the blessings, struggles and future of church lived out in the context of community. [Watch Now]

Walking the Labyrinth

Video StillThe labyrinth, in it's beauty and simplicity, is a place for contemplation, reflection and prayer where we find rhythm in the stillnesses underneath and in between every day's noise. [Watch Now]

Living Free

Video StillOne year after it's release, Free author Mark Scandrette has new ideas for his readers to try and 4 stories to share of others who have set out on a quest to discover what really matters most to them. [Watch Now]


Video StillAt it's most basic, failure is the way by which we first experience God's gift of grace. J.R. Briggs calls pastors and teachers to embrace and work through their failures, building the Church to see them as a gift. [Watch Now]

The Lost World of Scripture

Video StillDr. John Walton, coauthor of The Lost World of Scripture, reminds us of the history behind the text which we give so much authority and also reminds us of our duties as readers of God's word. [Watch Now]

Christianity On Trial

Video StillAuthor W. Mark Lanier is not only a man of God but also a world-renown trial lawyer. In Christianity On Trial, Mark builds a strong apologetic using the tools of a lawyer to examine our common questions of faith. [Watch Now]

The New Parish

Video StillThe Gospel becomes very powerful when it takes root in the context of a place. The authors of The New Parish call the Church to follow Jesus into the neighborhood and build community in complete life together. [Watch Now]

Living In Christ's Presence

Video StillJohn Ortberg, a dear friend of Dallas Willard, on the man that Dallas was, what their friendship meant to him and what it means to truly live into the presence of Christ. [Watch Now]

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