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Green Revolution

Coming Together to Care for Creation

By Ben Lowe
Foreword by Shane Claiborne

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Green Revolution

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Green Revolution




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Foreword by Shane Claiborne
Introduction: Why a Revolution?

Part 1: Reality Check
1. Incompatible Foolishness: Our Plan for the World vs. Godís
Uplink: Will Samson, author of Justice in the Burbs
2. Prodigal Treehuggers: Our Place in Godís Plan
Uplink: Fred Van Dyke, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Studies Program, Wheaton College
3. From Insulation to Incarnation: The Journey Back to Godís Plan
Uplink: Peter Harris, International Director, A Rocha

Part 2: Changing Our Communities
4. The Heat Is On: The Current Creation Care Movement and the Climate Crisis That Sparked It
Uplink: Vince Morris, Risk Manager, Wheaton College
5. Spheres of Change: Where This Movement Is Germinating
Uplink: Paul Corts, President, Council of Christian Colleges and Universities
6. Transformation: A Movement of Change
Uplink: Bettie Ann Brigham, Vice President for Student Development, Eastern University
7. Mustard Seed Organizing: How This Movement Grows
Uplink: Janel Curry, Dean of Research, Calvin College, and Chair, Evangelical Environmental Network
8. Molehills: Overcoming Obstacles to Growth
Uplink: Ed Johnson, Executive Director, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
9. Sustaining Sustainability: Keeping the Movement Alive
Uplink: Jeff Greenberg, professor, Wheaton College

Part 3: A Bigger Vision
10. Synthesis: Connecting Into the Bigger Picture
Uplink: Dorothy Boorse, Professor of Biology, Gordon College
11. Red, Blue or Green? The Role of Politics in Caring for Creation
Uplink: Jonathan Merrit, National Spokesperson, Southern Baptist Enviornment and Climate Initiative
12. We Hug Trees for Jesus: Engaging the World for Christ
Uplink: Ajith Fernando, National Director, Youth For Christ, Sri Lanka

Epilogue: A Generation of Hope

Afterword by J. Matthew Sleeth, M. D.
Appendix A: Good Books
Appendix B: Helpful Websites
Appendix C: Organizations Involved in Creation Care
Appendix D: A Rocha USA
Appendix E: Renewal

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