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Spiritual Rhythms in Community

Being Together in the Presence of God

By Keith Meyer

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Spiritual Rhythms in Community




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Prelude: Going to a Place Where You Can Be Found
Introduction: The Trinitarian Two-Step

Part One: The Rhythms of Disengagement

The Father's Good Shepherding: Psalm 23
1. Getting Alone to Be with the Father
Finding Our Rhythm: A Day with Jesus in Luke's Gospel

Sacred Space and Time: Psalm 84
2. Creating a Retreat Center of the Heart
Finding Our Rhythm: Storm on the Sea Icon

Wilderness Living: Psalm 63
3. Encountering the Ancient Desert and Postmodern Wild
Finding Our Rhythm: Watching Into the Wild

Divine Constant Contact: Psalm 139
4. Going Off-Line
Finding Our Rhythm: Praying Your Day

Soul Shushing: Psalm 131
5. Wasting Time Just Being
Finding Our Rhythm: Taking a Day to Do Nothing

Sounds of Silence: Psalm 65
6. Entering into Quiet
Finding Our Rhythm: Watching Into Great Silence

Part Two: The Dance of Engagement

Life Together: Psalm 133
7. Writing On Each Other's Hearts
Finding Our Rhythm: Taking an Intercessory Prayer Flight

Night and Day: Psalms 4--5
8. Using Earthly Attachments for a Fix on Eternity
Finding Our Rhythm: Praying Seven Lord's Prayers a Day

A Clean Record: Psalm 130
9. Asking Forgiveness of Another
Finding Our Rhythm: Ninth-Step Work "Examination and Amends"

Seeing Widows and Orphans: Psalm 68
10. Going to Be with the Poor
Finding Our Rhythm: A Day in Criminal Court or a Food Ministry

Enjoying Godís Good Life: Psalms 111--112
11. Using a Weakness to Cultivate a Strength
Finding Our Rhythm: Taking a Virtue Walk

Safe Journey Home: Psalm 121
12. Making Our Life a Pilgrimage to Heaven
Finding Our Rhythm: Pilgrimage with a Saint

Conclusion: Staying in a Place Where You Can Be Found
A Guide for Groups
About the Author

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+