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Unceasing Worship

Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts

By Harold M. Best

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Unceasing Worship




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Part 1: Unceasing Worship as Continuous Outpouring
1. Nobody Does Not Worship
2. What Is Authentic Worship?
3. Mutual Indwelling: The Final Geography of Worship
4. The Corporate Gathering and Authentic Worship
5. Worship and Witness: The Indivisible Task of Continuous Outpouring
6. Worship, Praying and Preaching

Part 2: Unceasing Worship and the Arts
7. Continuous Outpouring and Artistic Action
8. What Creative People Can Learn from God's Creation
9. The Peculiarity of Music and Its Unique Role
10. The Arts in Contrast: Allowing Art to Be Art
11. "You Shall Not Worship Me This Way": Worship, Art and Incipient Idolatry
12. The Cultural Expanse, Part 1: Realities and Unities
13. The Cultural Expanse, Part 2: Issues
14. What of Quality?



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$5 flat-rate shipping on all U.S. web orders