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Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

A Guide to Brief Therapy

2nd Edition

By Everett L. Worthington Jr.

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Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

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Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling




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Part One: Theory
1. Brief Marital Counseling
2. Bird's Eye View of Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling
3. Using the Strategy to Promote Hope
4. Applying the Strategy to Eight Areas of Marriage

Part Two: Interventions
5. Precounseling Interventions
6. Assessment Interventions
7. Interventions for Drawing on Central Values
8. Interventions for Revisioning a Core Vision
9. Interventions for Promoting Confession & Forgiveness
10. Interventions for Strengthening Communication
11. Interventions for Aiding Conflict Resolution
12. Interventions for Changing Cognition
13. Interventions for Stimulating More Closeness
14. Interventions for Cementing Commitment
15. Interventions for Promoting Couple Commencement from Counseling
16. Essentials of Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

Appendix: Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling with a Young Professional Couple: A Case Study (Terry L. Hight)


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