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The Blessing of Africa

The Bible and African Christianity

By Keith Augustus Burton

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The Blessing of Africa




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Part One. The Land of Ham: Defining Biblical Africa
1. The Table of Nations in Genesis 10
2. Defining the Territory of Cush
3. Defining the Territory of Misrayim
4. Defining the Territory of Canaan

Part Two. Family Reunion: Africans in the Bible
5. Identifying the Africans in Cush
6. Identifying the Africans in Misrayim
7. Identifying the Africans in Canaan

Part Three. Growing Pains: The Bible in Emerging African Christianity
8.The Development of Christianity in Palestine
9. The Development of Christianity in North Africa
10. The Development of Christianity in Arabia and Ethiopia

Part Four. Total Eclipse: Islam's Distortion of the Biblical Message
11. The Influence of the Bible on the Koran
12. The Growth of Islam in Biblical Africa

Part Five: Hostile Takeover: Europe's Manipulation of the Biblical Message
13. The European Crusade Against Islam
14. The Struggle for Control in the Ethiopian Church
15. Mission and Colonization in Sub-Saharan Africa

Part Six. Free at Last: The Bible and African Liberation
16. The Decline of Christianity in Islamic Africa
17. The Shortcomings of Ethiopian Christianity
18. The Impact of Christianity on Sub-Saharan Africa


Appendix 1. Descendants of Ham and the Modern Locations of their Assigned Territories
Appendix 2. Shared Blessings: Hamo-Semitic Africans in the Land of Cush
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