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Paul, Apostle of God's Glory in Christ

A Pauline Theology

By Thomas R. Schreiner

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Paul, Apostle of God's Glory in Christ




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1. Introduction: The Centrality of God in Christ in Paul's Theology
2. Proclaiming a Magnificent God: The Pauline Mission
3. The Basis of Mission: The Fulfillment of the Promise to Abraham
4. Suffering & the Pauline Mission: The Means of Spreading the Gospel
5. Dishonoring God: The Violation of God's Law
6. Dishonoring God: The Power of Sin
7. The Person of Jesus Christ: The Exaltation of Christ for the Glory of God
8. God's Saving Righteousness: The Basis of a Right Relationship with God
9. God's Liberating Work for His People: Divine Transforming Grace
10. Living to Honor God: The Power to Live a New Life
11. Faith & Hope: The Ground of Perseverance
12. Life of Love in the Spirit: Exhortations & the Law in Paul
13. The Church & Spiritual Gifts: The Unity of God's People
14. The Ordinances of the Church & Its Ministry: The Building Up of the Body
15. The Social World of the New Community: Living as Christians in the Culture
16. The Hope of God's People: The Fulfillment of God's Saving Purposes
Epilogue: Magnifying God in Christ
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