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Invitation to Theology

A Guide to Study, Conversation & Practice

By Michael Jinkins

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Invitation to Theology

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Invitation to Theology




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Foreword by Alan Torrance

The Vitality of Christian Community
The Theme of Our Course
Christology and Chronology
A Subversive Theology

Class 1: What's the Use of Theology?
The Trap of Measurability
The Trap of Utility
The Value of Theology
Homework Assignments

Class 2: Methods in the Madness
Theology as an Act of Faith
Theology as Science
Some Methods in the Madness
Applying the "Who" Question
Homework Assignments

Class 3: I Believe in God
The Truth Will Set You Free
Theological Omelets and the Strange Brew of Authority
Homework Assignments

Class 4: I Believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven & Earth
Father God?
Almighty God?
Creator God?
Homework Assignments

Class 5: I Believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord
Faith in Jesus Christ
The Quest for the Historical Jesus
The Content of the Kerygma
The Christological Controversies
What Does It All Mean?
The Lordship of Jesus Christ
Homework Assignments

Class 6: Conceived by the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary, Suffered, Dead & Buried
Martin Luther Meets Jesus
The Self-Emptying God
The Lord of Lost Causes
Aspects of the Atonement: Toward a More Inclusive Framework
Homework Assignments

Class 7: Our Humanity in Light of Jesus Christ
Imagination Enough to See What Is There
The Specificity of Jesus Christ
The Image of God
The Comprehensive Claim
A Tree Named Adam
Homework Assignments

Class 8: The Holy Spirit
Learning Ourselves Through the Holy Spirit
A Wind, a Fire, a Power Divine
The Spiritual Humanity of Jesus Christ
The Lord Is the Spirit
The Giving God
Homework Assignments

Class 9: The Holy Catholic Church
A Confessional Starting Point
The Community Created by the Holy Spirit
Blessed to Be a Blessing
Members of One Body
The Myth of Solitary Religion
The Myth of Voluntary Religion
The Specificity of the Church
The Church and the Kingdom of God
Homework Assignments

Class 10: The Forgiveness of Sins
The Environment of Forgiveness
The Verbum visible of Forgiveness
The Ethics of Perichoresis
Homework Assignments

Class 11: The Resurrection of the Body & the Life Everlasting
A Teleological Vision
The Resurrection of the Body
The First Fruit of Resurrection
Peregrini et hospites super terram


Index of Names

Index of Subjects

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