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Crafting a Rule of Life

An Invitation to the Well-Ordered Way

By Stephen A. Macchia
Foreword by Mark Buchanan

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Crafting a Rule of Life

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Crafting a Rule of Life




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Editorial Reviews


"In Crafting a Rule of Life Steve Macchia tackles the central question facing the intentional disciple of Jesus Christ: How do I shape the rhythms of my life so I can walk with God? Steve's gentle, wise and practical guidance will help you draw closer to Jesus on a day-by-day basis. This is not a book to miss."

—Christopher Webb, author of The Fire of the Word

"Helping people develop their own personal rule of life so that their lives truly revolve around the love of Jesus is one of the most important issues facing the church today. Steve has made a wonderful contribution in writing this practical, thorough book. I highly recommend it!"

—Pete Scazzero, pastor and author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

"Whether our lives are overregulated or disheveled, a 'rule of life' may be what we need—and this book will help. It is not about 'rules' but about the end and purpose of life—to know and love God and become all he made us to be. Read it as a guide to shaping a life, neither frittered away in self-indulgence nor constrained by expectations of others, but growing into the fullness of Christ. You will find Steve Macchia to be a wise and seasoned companion on the way."

—Leighton Ford, author of The Attentive Life

"Crafting a Rule of Life is a special gift of grace for all who seek a more faithful and fulfilling way of living as a follower of Jesus Christ. Steve Macchia clearly and compellingly writes about the value of a disciplined way of living for individuals and small groups, and then offers a carefully constructed pathway to find that more faithful and fulfilling way."

—Rueben P. Job, coauthor of A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants and retired Bishop of the United Methodist Church

"I often talk to people who feel 'living insanity' defines them more than 'living in sanity.' But one doesn't move from the former to the latter without intention and a plan. Crafting a Rule of Life offers a practical and doable process to move your life from insanely busy and driven to the sweet sanity of ordered work and rest. Biblical and historical guides accompany you on the crafting journey. Steve's book is a wonderful tool for your journey."

—Adele Calhoun, author of Spiritual Disciplines Handbook and Invitations from God

"The genius of Steve's approach is he makes ancient ways contemporary, personal and practical. Saint Benedict joins your daily commute. George Mueller helps you reconcile your bank statement. There's no need to live in a cave or meditate atop a pillar. The life you long to live can be fashioned from the life you already have."

—From the foreword by Mark Buchanan, author of Spiritual Rhythm

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