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Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven

Community Practices for Making Peace

Resources for Reconciliation

By L. Gregory Jones and Célestin Musekura

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Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven

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Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven




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Editorial Reviews


"Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven is a thoughtful biblical roadmap for anyone dealing with seemingly insurmountable past issues, such as divorce, abuse, or rejection. . . By presenting valuable insights on such a frequently misunderstood topic, they are providing important first steps to creating communities that really can achieve healing and reconciliation."

—Jeff Friend, ForeWord, January-February 2011

"A beautiful book of hard-won wisdom that will soften hearts and stir imaginations to new possibilities of peacemaking in our world."

—Debra Dean Murphy, Englewood Review of Books, Advent 2010

"[The authors] mine the riches of Catholic spirituality for readers of a non-Catholic persuasion. And Jones and Musekura buck the trend and set spiritual formation primarily in a community context."

—Mark Galli, Christianity Today, October 2010

"Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven is practical theology at its best. Jones and Musekura help us see why forgiveness is as important as our daily bread and how applying this fundamental discipline could transform not only the witness of the church in the world, but also the world itself."

—Catherine Larson, author of As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda

"These amazing stories of forgiveness for the most heinous of atrocities offer courage, hope and guidance for all victims of violence."

—Donald B. Kraybill, coauthor of Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy

"Forgiving As We've Been Forgiven is a beautiful testimony to the peculiar power of forgiveness in the name of Christ. Grounding their meditation on forgiveness deep in the experience of God's forgiveness of us in Christ, Jones and Musekura show the powerful, revolutionary, world-changing implications of a people who are enabled to forgive as we have been forgiven. Here is the Christian faith exemplified, practiced, engaged and proven by two vibrant, faithful theologians. The concluding study guide makes this book perfect for study, reflecting, and enactment in churches and small groups of those who have the courage to explore the implications of our forgiveness in Christ."

—William H. Willimon, bishop, United Methodist Church, Birmingham, Alabama

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