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Why the Rest Hates the West

Understanding the Roots of Global Rage

By Meic Pearse

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Why the Rest Hates the West

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Why the Rest Hates the West




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"Meic Pearse specializes in asking difficult questions about the most significant issues facing us today--about religions, about politics, and about how cultures and societies come into conflict. . . . This is a challenging, provocative book, with a broad social and historical vision."

—Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History and Religious Studies, Pennsylvania State University, author of The Next Christendom

"This book is a serious and stirring call to Christians to reaffirm the central position of their faith. In an age which mistakes nescience for open-mindedness and enforced nihilism for toleration, this call to know, to affirm and to witness deserves a wide audience."

—Roger Scruton, author of The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat

"This is a passionate, unfashionable and important book, recommended reading for anybody who has begun to suspect that the Western economic and cultural project is unsustainable."

—Richard Chartres, Bishop of London

"This is . . . possibly the best, most intelligent, most humane brief argument that the West, rather than the Rest, needs reform."

Booklist (starred review), June 1, 2004

"I know of no more urgent discussion in our day. . . . Could someone please get a copy to George W. Bush?"

—Philip Yancey, author of Rumors of Another World

"Meic Pearse has exposed our therapy culture in its failure to move us from self-absorption to the freedom of self-esteem found when we truly serve others. . . . This book is necessary reading for all who would be responsible leaders and informed Christians in the twenty-first century."

—Myron S. Augsburger

"Immensely rich insight, written nicely by a learned and penetrating thinker. This may be the best Christian reflection on the deeper questions around globalization, global culture wars and the great clash of civilizations I've yet seen. . . . If you've only got time for one book of this sort, pass by Chomsky and Perle. Skip narrow-minded ideologues like Michael Moore and Ann Coulter and read Meic Pearse. He is a thoughtful Christian who brings theological acumen and global sensitivities to his critique of modernity, and offers profound Christian insight as he unpacks the deep divides between the West and the rest."

—Byron Borger, Hearts & Minds Bookstore, Dallastown, Pennsylvania

"Those who wish to place some of the cultural crisis in the West in larger cultural and historical context will find much food for thought, and the book is useful for stimulating discussion. Whether one agrees with Pearse's analysis of Western culture, his assertion that non-Western values will increasingly demand serious attention in the West can hardly be disputed."

Missiology, October 2007

"Pearse succeeds in providing an easy to understand, clearly defined introduction to sources of conflict between the Western and non-Western worlds."

—Mike Starasta for The Christian Librarian 50, no. 1 (2007)

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