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Integrating Faith and Psychology

Twelve Psychologists Tell Their Stories

Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

Edited by Glendon L. Moriarty
Foreword by Gary R. Collins

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Integrating Faith and Psychology

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Integrating Faith and Psychology




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The tensions often cited between psychology and Christianity are well known. Much worthwhile work has been done to construct theories and frameworks for integrating the two. But how do Christians in psychology actually weave together these strands of their lives and their work. What are their stories?

Here Glendon Moriarty brings together twelve of the foremost clinicians and academics in the field of Christian integration to share their stories. Coming from different perspectives and experiences, reflecting gender and ethnic diversity, these prominent psychologists tell about their spiritual, personal and professional journeys of interrelating their faith and profession.

In this book we hear about the developmental issues, the sense of calling and the early career insights that shaped their paths. They recount the importance that significant relationships had on their understanding of Christian integration, especially noting the influence of mentors. Struggles and doubts are common human experiences, and the contributors openly share the stresses they encountered to encourage others with similar issues. On a day-to-day basis, we see how spiritual disciplines and the Christian community assist them in their work and in their understanding. Finally, each writer offers a personal note with lessons learned and hard-won wisdom gained.

Randall Sorenson once said, "The integration of psychology and Christianity is caught, not taught." In these stories is a unique opportunity to catch sight of twelve who have already traveled that challenging path.

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