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The World Is Not Ours to Save

Finding the Freedom to Do Good

By Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

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The World Is Not Ours to Save

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The World Is Not Ours to Save




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The 2014 Christianity Today Book Award Winner (Christianity and Culture)

2014 Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year (Compassion)

We want to save the world—and we have a dizzying array of worthy causes to pursue.

But passionate enthusiasm can quickly give way to disillusionment, compassion fatigue or empty slacktivism. As we move from awareness to mobilization, we bump up against the complexities of global problems—and liking Facebook pages only goes so far.

Veteran activist Tyler Wigg-Stevenson identifies the practical and spiritual pitfalls that threaten much of today's cause-driven Christianity. He casts an alternate vision for doing good based on the liberating truth that only God can save the world. Wigg-Stevenson's own pilgrimage from causes to calling shows how to ground an enduring, kingdom-oriented activism in the stillness of vocation rather than in the anxiety of the world's brokenness.

The world is not ours to save. And that's okay. Discover why.

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