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Resonate Series

By Paul L. Metzger
Edited by David Sanford

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Resonate Series




The Resonate series is a new wave of commentary that recovers the ancient wisdom of Scripture and helps us understand how it resonates with our complex world. Contributors like Dan Kimball, Matthew Woodley and Tim Keel join series editor Paul Louis Metzger to bring the stories and insights of each book of the Bible into conversation with contemporary voices of hope and lament--the cultural messages we interact with on a daily basis. The result is a practical, pastoral, biblically grounded and culturally conscious un-commentary that may just change the way we interact with Scripture forever.

In the Resonate series the Scriptures become a meeting ground where God is confronted with the pressing concerns of our day, and we are confronted in turn with a fresh experience of God's truth.

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The Gospel of John
The Gospel of Matthew

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