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Apprentice Resources

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Apprentice Resources




While each of the books in The Apprentice Series includes a "Small Group Discussion Guide," sometimes discussion guides are not enough, especially if you want your group to balance thinking and talking with experiential activities.

Accompanying the series is The Kingdom and the Cross, with six short chapters that focus on Christ's work on the cross and what it all means about who God is and how we're to live as his people.

Also available for download below are free Leader Guides that have been designed with you in mind, the leader that would like to take a small group through an 8-15 month experience that includes discussion, spiritual practices, retreats, and a host of other content. While providing plenty of the specifics, the Leader Guides have been written for flexibility as well, allowing you to make use of the elements each week that you find helpful.

We have also included for download a set of promotional items to help organize your group along with ideas for what you can do after your study has finished.

Individual Titles Currently Available

Hidden in Christ
Raw Spirituality
The Good and Beautiful God
The Good and Beautiful Life
The Good and Beautiful Community

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Below is our entire downloadable Apprentice Series Resource Curriculum free and ready to use with your Apprentice Group. You can download the entire set of materials for free by clicking here or download each individual component from the list below.

Leader's Guides

Additional Apprentice Group Materials
Materials for Publicizing Your Apprentice Series Group
More Info about Regional and National Events

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+