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Is Your Lord Large Enough?

How C. S. Lewis Expands Our View of God


By Peter J. Schakel

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Is Your Lord Large Enough?




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"Every year you grow, you will find me bigger." --Aslan to Lucy in Prince Caspian

C. S. Lewis was, of course, a brilliant apologist, and his books contain much to feed your intellect. But Lewis was also very concerned about Christian formation and strongly desired to help believers deepen their faith and broaden their vision of God.

In this book Peter Schakel opens to you the more practical parts of Lewis's wonderful writings. Covering areas of potential struggle such as prayer, suffering, doubt and love, Schakel draws principles from Lewis's nonfiction as well as illustrations from the Chronicles of Narnia to stir your imagination and soul so that you might see God in new ways. In addition, the author quotes from contemporaries of Lewis, showing how their thinking fit with Lewis's.

With reflection questions included, this deeper look at Lewis's formational writings is valuable for your personal devotions or for group discussions. Either way, as you read you will find God bigger and bigger.

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