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Reimagining Evangelism

Inviting Friends on a Spiritual Journey

Reimagining Evangelism Curriculum Set

By Rick Richardson
Foreword by Brian McLaren and Luis Palau

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Reimagining Evangelism

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Reimagining Evangelism




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Finalist, Fourth Annual Outreach Resource of the Year (2006)

Sometimes talking about Jesus with your friends can feel like trying to close a deal on a sales call, pushing something on people they may not really want. But what if you thought of it more like inviting them on a spiritual journey?

Imagine being free to be yourself and free for the Spirit to work in you. Imagine that it doesn't depend on you alone but that you can be an important part of a witnessing community. Imagine telling people stories instead of trying to download content.

Here is your invitation to reimagine what evangelism could be for you.

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