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The IVP Introduction to the Bible

Edited by Philip S. Johnston

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The IVP Introduction to the Bible

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The IVP Introduction to the Bible




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The Bible is a truly wonderful book.

Millions of Christians through the ages and across the world have treasured it as their most valued possession, often insisting that anyone can pick up the Bible and read and understand it for themselves. But many of the details remain fuzzy until we find out more about their historical or literary setting.

The IVP Introduction to the Bible is intended to reduce the fuzziness, in two ways:

First, by providing background information to the whole Bible and each testament, as well as the gap between the testaments.

Second, by introducing all the main sections of the Bible and each biblical book in turn.

So the great biblical panorama is brought to life, first with broad brush strokes and then with fine art work.

This Bible introduction is written by an international and interdenominational team of evangelical scholars, among them

  • Desmond Alexander, author of From Paradise to the Promised Land
  • Tremper Longman III, author of How to Read the Psalms and How to Read Proverbs
  • Howard Marshall, author of New Testament Theology
  • Mark Strauss, author of Four Portraits, One Jesus

All are involved in teaching biblical studies at a theological college, seminary or university, and each writing in their area of specialization. As they guide you expertly through the details, your understanding of the Bible and its message will be greatly enhanced.

Readers of all stripes, from curious non-Christians to serious students of the Bible, will find The IVP Introduction to the Bible a helpful and enjoyable resource.

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