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Education for Human Flourishing

A Christian Perspective

Christian Worldview Integration Series

By Paul D. Spears and Steven R. Loomis

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Education for Human Flourishing




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Education is arguably the foundation for human flourishing within any society. What do distinctively Christian educators have to contribute within the broad framework of public education found in pluralist societies of the West? How can Christian teachers make their voices heard within an increasingly hostile environment where technique and pragmatism are firmly entrenched and religious views are often suspect?

Far from offering a thin patina of "niceness" spread over standard educational philosophy, Steven Loomis and Paul Spears set forth a vigorous Christian philosophy of education that seeks to transform the practice of education. Beginning with a robust view of human nature, they build a case for a decidedly Christian view of education that still rightfully takes its place within the marketplace of public education.

After surveying the history of educational philosophy, they offer a stimulating analysis of the information economy and its implications for education. This is followed by a concrete proposal for the teaching of social ethics, and finally by a delineation of issues and questions for educational practice, policy and leadership.

A must-read for all who are concerned for human flourishing through education.

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