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More Than Equals

Racial Healing for the Sake of the Gospel


By Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice

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More Than Equals




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  • Recipient of a Christianity Today 1994 Critics Choice Award

Here is living proof that white and black Christians can live together.

When Spencer Perkins was sixteen years old, he visited his bloodied and swollen father (pastor John Perkins) in jail. Police had beaten the black activist severely, and Spencer never forgot the moment. He couldn't imagine living in community with a white person after that. But his plans were changed.

Chris Rice grew up in very different circumstances, of "Vermont Yankee stock," attending an elite Eastern college and looking forward to a career in law and government. But his plans were changed.

Spencer and Chris became not only friends, but yokefellows--partners for more than a decade in the difficult ministry of racial reconciliation. From their own hard-won experience, they show that there is hope for our frightening race problem, that whites and African-Americans can live together in peace.

This revised and expanded edition includes a new introduction, a new afterword, a new study guide, updated resources and a new chapter by Spencer, "Playing the Grace Card." In compellingly practical detail, Chris and Spencer present their hope, which is boldly and radically Christian. "The cause of racial reconciliation needs yokefellows," they argue, ". . . not solely for the sake of racial harmony--even though it will lead to that--but for the witness of the gospel."

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