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Women in the Maze

Questions & Answers on Biblical Equality

By Ruth A. Tucker

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"Dear God: Are boys better than girls? I know you are one, but try to be fair."

That simple letter from a child, says Ruth Tucker, crystallizes the vexing debate about the role of women in the church and the world. The issue forces us to try to understand who God is, what the true abilities and responsibilities of women are, and what real equality between the sexes might look like.

Children aren't the only ones who are confused. As the battle rages on, scholars can forget the basic questions women and men in the pews are asking: --Is God masculine? --Was Eve responsible for the Fall? --Was Jesus a feminist? --Did Paul discriminate against women? --Did the Reformation open or close doors for women in ministry? --How has the missions movement affected women's ministries? --Is the women's movement ruining the family?

In an inviting, accessible format, Women in the Maze poses dozens of questions ordinary Christians are asking. Then it responds to each briefly, practically and responsibly. Spanning from biblical times to the present, it is an essential, one-volume guide on one of the most important controversies facing today's church.

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