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The Quiet Time Companion

A Daily Guide Through the Bible


Edited by Ro Willoughby

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The Quiet Time Companion




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Down through the years, those who have been close to God have met with him daily. The Quiet Time Companion can help you begin and make the most of your own daily meetings with God.

Offering a fresh approach to Bible study each week (with eleven different approachs in all), this book will help keep your quiet times stimulating and challenging. You'll learn a variety of Bible study skills that will last a lifetime!

With The Quiet Time Companion you'll gain a thorough overview of the whole Bible as you move through two years of structured and unstructured meetings with God. Each week you'll find five Bible studies designed to occupy about twenty minutes daily. These include

  • whole book studies overviewing major themes
  • detailed studies of short passages
  • topical studies on important aspects of the Christian life
  • character studies of fascinating people in the Bible
  • word studies of key biblical concepts

You'll also find suggestions for activities and projects to give you a change of pace each weekend.

Divided into eight sessions of thirteen weeks each, The Quiet Time Companion can also be used easily by small groups and Sunday school classes.

Here is a great opportunity to get started meeting with God every day.

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Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+