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Daily Bible Study

Isaiah 54-55: Shout for Joy

A visitor to a harp shop observed that when the strings of the largest harp were plucked, all the other harps in the shop rang in unison with them. In this study the expectancy which has been heightening through previous chapters explodes into song and exhortation.

Warming Up to God

Recall a time when you have been overcome with the joy of knowing God in the midst of sorrow. Allow this memory to draw you close to him in an attitude of worship.

Read Isaiah 54-55

Discovering the Word

  • Isaiah 54:1-10 is an extended, complex metaphor applied to the relationship between Jerusalem and the Lord. What is the metaphor?
  • In Isaiah 54:11-17 the metaphor changes to that of a rebuilt city. What will characterize this city?
  • Is the fulfillment of these marvelous promises to Jerusalem in the past, present or future?
  • An amazing offer is extended in 55:1-5. Who is invited and what are they invited to?
  • A note of urgency is introduced in 55:6-7. How do these verses outline the nature of true repentence?
  • What transformations do God's thoughts and words achieve according to 55:8-13?

Applying the Word

  • God's love for you is more unshakable than the mountains (54:10, the ancient world's most immovable objects). What are the implications of this statement for your life now?
  • Here again is the place where the eternal Word of God intersects with our lives today. In what way do you need to seek the Lord (55:6) for abundant life and for free pardon?

Responding in Prayer

Make your prayer a time of refreshment and praise.

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+