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Daily Bible Study

John 10: The Shepherd & His Sheep

Jesus was a master at using simple, everyday objects or events to illustrate profound spiritual truths. The farmer scattering seed, the vine sustaining the branches, and sparrows falling to the earth all took on a new dimension in Jesus’ eyes. In John 10, Jesus uses the scene of a shepherd enclosing his sheep in a sheepfold to give us one of the most moving pictures of our salvation and security in Christ found anywhere in the Bible. If you’ve ever doubted the love of Christ, Jesus will give you a healthy dose of assurance in this chapter.

Warming Up to God

What usually prompts you to have doubts about your salvation or your walk with Christ—your own sin? feelings of unworthiness? personal failures? Be honest with Christ about your doubts.

Read John 10

Discovering the Word

  • What spiritual truths is Jesus trying to convey in verses 1-5?
  • In verses 11-15 Jesus talks about the shepherd’s care for his sheep. What can you learn from those verses about Jesus’ care and relationship with you?
  • According to Jesus, how are the Jews in this passage different from his sheep (vv. 22-27)?
  • When Jesus claims that he and the Father are one, the Jews pick up stones to stone him (vv. 30-33). Do you think his defense is a denial of his deity (vv. 33-36)? Explain.

Applying the Word

  • How do you respond to promises and assurances Jesus gives his sheep in verses 28-29?
  • Which promise from Jesus in this chapter is most encouraging to you? 3. How can Jesus' promise help you when you have doubts?

Responding in Prayer

Praise God for giving you such a Good Shepherd.

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+