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Daily Bible Study

Jeremiah 52: Jerusalem Plundered

The movers came while our friend was at work. She knew they were coming, of course, but still it was a shock when she opened the front door and found all the rooms bare. She admits she broke down and cried. How much worse if she had been robbed of everything against her will as Jerusalem was.

Warming Up to God

When do you feel that the Lord has taken away something you counted on? What was that like?

Read Jeremiah 52

Discovering the Word

  • Chapter 51 tells us that Jeremiah's words end there. How does the writer of chapter 52 describe what happened to the city of Jerusalem at the hands of the king of Babylon?
  • What explanation is given for the disaster (vv. 1-3)?
  • There was an excruciatingly long siege by the Babylonian army against Jerusalem. What were some results of it (vv. 4-11)?
  • How did the Babylonian commander treat the sacred items in the Lord's temple (vv. 12-23)?
  • What became of the priests and other Jewish officials (vv. 24-27)?
  • What surprising turn of events happened to Jehoiachin, the young previous king of Judah who had been deposed (vv. 31-34)?

Applying the Word

  • Why does a major loss sometimes shock people into returning to the Lord?
  • Why do you think it sometimes takes a major blow to bring people back?
  • How do you respond to big losses?

Responding in Prayer

Pray about any wrenching losses you have had or which you fear happening. Ask the Lord what you should learn through losing. Trust him to restore what he wishes in his own time.

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+