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Daily Bible Study

Hebrews 9: The Runner's Power

In view of the colossal problems besetting us—drugs, divorce, depression, to name a few—it seems like a gross oversimplification to say that the blood of Jesus Christ is the solution. But, in a different context, the Hebrews faced similar problems of neglect, unbelief and immaturity. They were in danger of dropping out of the race and turning back to their old ways. Seemingly, they lacked the power and purpose to advance and press on in their faith-race. What was the solution given to them? The blood of Jesus. Only a full and perfect knowledge of what Jesus is and does for us can bring us to a full and perfect Christian life.

Warming Up to God

When do you feel like dropping out of the race?

Read Hebrews 9

Discovering the Word

  • Contrast what Jesus did (vv. 11-14) with the old system (vv. 1-10).
  • Why was the shedding of sacrificial blood required even under the old covenant (vv. 16-22)?
  • The writer explains why the offering of Jesus' blood is not only necessary, but also a superior sacrifice. Why is it important to direct our attention to "heavenly things" (v. 23)?
  • What difference would it make to those steeped in Old Testament religion to know that Jesus once-for-all offered his own blood, rather than offering animal blood (vv. 25-26)?

Applying the Word

  • How can you deepen your understanding of and appreciation for Christ's self-sacrifice?
  • Death and judgment are certain. In view of that, how would you encourage someone to face eternity with hope and peace, based on what you have learned in this chapter?
  • Also certain is Jesus' Second Coming (v. 28). In light of his blood offering, how should you spend your time waiting for him?

Responding in Prayer

Pray that you will use your time to serve Jesus even as you wait for him.

Free shipping on U.S. web orders $25+ (for a limited time only) ☆