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Daily Bible Study

Exodus 35-36: Building the Tabernacle

Hardly a day passes that we aren't asked to contribute to some worthy cause or implored to work on a needed project. The avalanche of appeals dulls our senses and makes it hard to sort out priorities. It's tempting to do nothing. In this study, God launches a tabernacle building project. He asks for money (donated goods) and services (labor). Israel was called a "stiff-necked people"-not the best prospects for a building fund drive-but their response to God is surprising.

Warming Up to God

Spend a few minutes telling God about the events of your day—your joys and worries. Lay them at his feet and leave them behind as you look into the Word.

Read Exodus 35-36

Discovering the Word

  • What was God's plan for the provision of materials (vv. 4-9)?
  • Of what value and importance would it be for the Israelites to give their own possessions and to build the tabernacle themselves (35:10)?
  • The Israelites responded to God's call for an offering (35:20-29). How do you account for this outpouring of goods and materials (see 36:3-7)?
  • In God's plan, how was it possible for everyone to give something (see 3:21-22; 12:35-36)?
  • How did the nomadic Israelites—shepherds in Egypt for more than four centuries—suddenly develop skills in design, building and craftsmanship (35:30-35)?
  • Who came to do the work (36:1-2)?

Applying the Word

  • What possessions and abilities do you have for God to use?
  • What keeps God's people today from giving willingly, sacrificially and generously?

Responding in Prayer

Ask the Lord to teach you how to give graciously.

$5 flat-rate shipping on all U.S. web orders