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Daily Bible Study

Numbers 20:1-13: God's Work; God's Way

There's no joy in being left out—especially when you feel you've earned something. Imagine how Moses must have felt. For nearly forty years he had led the Israelites through the wilderness, often serving as the only influence for godly obedience. But in Numbers 20, the leader discovers he will never realize his goal. What sin could be great enough to bear such a price? This chapter reveals the answer.

Warming Up to God

What is your greatest personal dream? What would happen if you were told today you would never attain it? Could you still trust God?

Read Numbers 20:1-13

Discovering the Word

  • This story is set at the very place a similar rebellion had happened twenty years earlier (see Ex 17:1-7). How would this fact affect the thinking of Moses and of the people?
  • How do Moses' actions compare or differ to those in Exodus 17?
  • What is it about Moses' actions that so angers God?
  • What effect do you think this lesson had on the observers?

Applying the Word

  • What external pressures are likely to influence the way in which you carry out God's commands?
  • What good things might you currently be doing in ways and with attitudes other than God's? List a few.

Responding in Prayer

Take some time to reflect on the current pressures and conflicts in your life. Acknowledge God as sovereign over them. Thank him for giving you wisdom to handle these, and ask him to especially guard your spirit in today's events.

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+