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Daily Bible Study

Psalm 34: Deliverance from Trouble

David writes this psalm for the spiritually immature, who need to be instructed in the ways of God. One thing David thinks we need to know is how to live in a way that brings the blessing of God. How do we face the hard times? When we hurt, we want to know: Have we done something wrong? Has God deserted us? What do we need to do to receive God's help? These are good questions. If we pay attention to David, we will get some answers.

Warming Up to God

It assaults our pride to acknowledge that there are things we don't know or problems we can't overcome. But when we stop trying to do it ourselves, we are in a position to receive the help God sends. List questions that you have for God. Don't tell him what to do, just ask. Then sit quietly for a while and listen.

Read Psalm 34

Discovering the Word

  • What words does David use in verses 1-10 to express his feelings toward God?
  • What benefits are mentioned in verses 1-10 that come to those who seek God's help?
  • What do you think David means by inviting his readers to "taste and see that the Lord is good?"
  • From verses 11-22, describe a righteous person.
  • According to what David writes, righteousness doesn't guarantee a trouble-free life. What assurances of comfort do the righteous have during times of pain?

Applying the Word

  • How can the goodness of God be a means of strength in the problems that you face?
  • Fear of the Lord is an Old Testament term for "respect and submission to God." We should be afraid of offending God with conscious acts of disobedience. What temptations are you facing now?
  • How can learning the fear of the Lord keep you acting and thinking righteously?

Responding in Prayer

Ask God to increase your ability to "taste and see" that he is with you and that he is good.

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+