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Daily Bible Study

Exodus 3-4: Stubborn Reluctance Overcome

The milestones of history are marked by people who have met impossible demands. Battlefield monuments utter mute testimony to these events. Modern Turkey owes its existence to Kemal Ataturk, who rallied his troops with the impossible demand that they drive back the enemy from Gallipoli. Your most impossible demand may seem small in comparison-but not at the time the challenge presented itself. Perhaps it was writing an academic paper without adequate time or expertise. Or maybe it was the time when your church group decided to talk to people on the beach about Jesus Christ. This study shows how God put an impossible demand on Moses and propelled him into national leadership.

Warming Up to God

Remember today that God has chosen you to do great works through him. Ask God to give you courage and to teach you from the example of Moses.

Read Exodus 3-4

Discovering the Word

  • What motivates God to act on behalf of his people (3:7-10)?
  • How does Moses respond to God's assignment and why (3:11-13)?
  • What reassurance does God give Moses (3:12-22)?
  • What other doubts and fears does Moses have (4:1, 10)?
  • How does God deal with these inadequacies (4:2-9, 11-12)?
  • How do the events in 4:27-31 confirm the Lord's promises to Moses?

Applying the Word

  • When have you felt inadequate to do something God wanted you to do?
  • When you are sure God is speaking to you, and a specific "Yes, Lord" is expected of you, what things influence your answer?

Responding in Prayer

Confess your fears and feelings of inadequacy to the Lord, and boldly ask him to call you to participate in his plans.

$5 flat-rate shipping on all U.S. web orders