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Daily Bible Study

1 Peter 5: TLC for Trying Times

Relationships bring color to life. Sure, the mountaintop hermit has a spectacular view outside the window. But the colors inside the cabin are browns and grays. It is people who bring sparkle and fire to existence.

When Peter concluded his first letter, a work frequently pointing to suffering, he did not tell his readers to escape to the isolation of a spiritual or literal mountaintop. Instead, he pointed to their relationships and said, "Here's how to take care of each other."

Warming Up to God

What has been one of your most valuable relationships, and what made it valuable?

Read 1 Peter 5

Discovering the Word

  • Peter speaks, in verse 1, to his fellow elders. In what ways did Peter see himself as like the elders he was writing to (vv. 1-4)?
  • When have you appreciated a person who acted toward you as a spiritual elder?
  • With what different beings or groups do these verses describe a Christian's relationships (vv. 5-11)?
  • What reasons did Peter give for following each of the commands in verses 5-9?
  • Peter points out three sets of relationships for all Christians—relationships with other believers, relationship with Satan, relationship with God. How would you summarize Peter's ideal for each of these?

Applying the Word

  • God's Word speaks to us in a variety of ways. What joy, comfort or warning do Peter's instructions in verses 5-11 point to in your own experience?
  • How could Peter's teachings about relationships in this chapter help you to "stand fast" in your own faith?

Responding in Prayer

Ask God to comfort you, and wait before him to experience his care.

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+