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Daily Bible Study

Introducing 2 Samuel

Highs and lows. David's life, like our lives, was full of extremes. For David, however, God played a part through it all.

Second Samuel highlights some of David's high moments, winning battles and bringing prosperity to Israel. Chapter 7 contains God's promise that his dynasty would live forever.

In chapters 10—20 we move to the darker moments of David's life as we see him succumb to temptation and murder. The results of his sin follow him through life and are seen in the lives of his children.

At the end of the book we discover that David has not lost his hope in the Lord. Chapters 22 and 23 record his songs of praise to God. May you, like David, find that the Lord is your rock, your fortress and your deliverer (22:2) through the ups and downs of life.

Individual Studies

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