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Key Books from Our Past & Present

"Some publishers tell you what to believe. Other publishers tell you what you already believe. But InterVarsity Press helps you to believe."
J. I. Packer

Here J. I. Packer captures not only the essence of IVP as a whole but of the books which have characterized its publishing program over the decades. What follows are just a few of key books IVP has published which are still helping people to believe with their heart, soul, mind and strength in the God who brings love and light to the world.

Quiet Time
1945, 1976

My Heart--Christ's Home
1954, 1986

Basic Christianity
1958, 2008

Know Why You Believe
1968, 2000

The God Who Is There
1968, 1998

Knowing God
1973, 1993

The Singer
1975, 2001

The Fight

The Universe Next Door
1976, 2009

Out of the Saltshaker & Into the World
1979, 1999

Fruit of the Spirit
1987, 1999

Too Busy Not to Pray
1988, 2008

The Cross of Christ
1986, 2006

Darwin on Trial
1991, 2010

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
1992, 2013

More Than Equals
1993, 2000

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
1998, 2010

The Challenge of Jesus
1999, 2015

Finding God in the Questions

Sacred Rhythms

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

Culture Making

The Good and Beautiful God

Operation World

Disunity in Christ

Fool's Talk

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+